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A Medicine Woman’s Merry Mushwomb Experience

In Song of Sophia tradition, the month of October is an especially potent time to spend in relationship with Amanita.  As the freshly harvested fruiting bodies of Amanita are gifted to us, we journey with the wisdom of the deer mothers and their quiet forest paths.  This year Eliza co-hosted a forest gathering of medicine women held by the land and waters of Appalachia.  This is post is an account of Ali Michelle’s experience at the Merry Mushwomb Gathering this year.


Ali Michelle is a mother, a naturopathic doctor, and a priestess of the Red Temple.

Ali Michelle is a mother, a naturopathic doctor, and a priestess of the Red Temple.


I’ve been searching for how to put it into words, all that shifted for me during that weekend. As someone who facilitates circles/retreats myself, I have longed to be held in these ways for many years, since my first initiations a decade ago.


God showed out.


The Appalachian Mountain portals were intense and profound. It all feels like a dream, really. It’s been surreal coming back to reality. Circling in ceremony & ritual with 20 Medicine Women in the forest, frolicking, flesh bare in wild rivers, receiving guidance from the Earth, dancing in the wind, drumming & singing to the fire – blissed soul desires. I deepened so much of my own expansion into medicine work. I am forever grateful that I heard and honored the call.


We were gifted primordial codes.

We remembered ancient truths.

We drank from the waterfalls.

We reclaimed our knowing.

We hiked the woods in quiet wonder.

We shed our womb spaces.

We synced & bled together on the land.

We were nourished by delicious meals.

We harmonized voices in frequencies.

We gave offerings to the elements.

We were supported by mugwort|mapacho.

We deepened into the medicine of Amanitas and Wizards.

We attuned to the Divine.

We were held in the light of Christ.

We flew with Noya Rao.

We listened to the plants.

We birthed dragons.



In my devotion and dedication to my children, I have lost a lot of myself as “mother”. While it is not yet my turn to travel the world in packs of Sacred wild women for weeks upon weeks of time, it was pure magic to be able to dip my toes in for 4 incredible days, just a 7hr drive away. In ways, motherhood does hold me back from being able to express my full mission and purpose in this dimension, but I sure am holding it down for the collective here in the midwest, as best I can in the here and now while I tenderly love them up, I do love being their ma. I am not rushing this time, though I do recognize it’s stronghold on me and my limitations.


I was so honored to share space with these incredible women from all over the world; Healers, Midwives, Mermaids, Shamanas, Priestesses, Mothers, & Lovers – from Cali, to Maine, Minnesota, Colorado to Washington, Texas, & Hawaii to Ireland, Scotland, & Bali all of us, called to the Mountains of Appalachia for a MerryMushwomb of a time.


The grid was rooted deeply and the web was weaved, impenetrable.


…  I am still integrating.


Written by Ali Michelle, a mother, naturopathic doctor and priestess of The Red Temple who attended the Merry Mushwomb gathering this harvest season.   This gathering of medicine woman in was co-facilitated by Song of Sophia Rosemother Eliza.