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A Mother’s Blessing


A Mother’s Blessing:  A Gateway Held by the Love of Other Women



After a Mother’s Blessing, the mother usually experiences relief, release, clarity. The pressure valve of pregnancy is turned down. She mentions that now, she is ready to give birth. She passed through a gateway that is held by the love of women.


A Mother’s Blessing is powerful yet simple. In the second photo, we held and rocked Alexia in the warm saltwater. This is her second birth. Last December, her little one Hayes got to join us in Hawaii for the Living Lemuria retreat where Alexia was very much feeling the arrival of second baby. We’ve loved Alexia for many years now. 


As Mama floated in our arms, we sang to her, stretched her limbs like an aquatic massage, and whispered in a syncopated oracular rhythm of divine prayers in her womb and the medicine already here. 


We focus on family. Rites of passage of mother, father, and the children. The Mermaid Temple has held many ceremonies to honor mothers over the years.





It was extra special to host @amaikanz as a few years earlier we held her Aunt Sarah as she was pregnant with her daughter Koda. And this time, Koda was able to be present in the water with us. Soul much beauty. The waters themselves were blessed in return.


May all mothers have an opportunity to be blessed by the women who love them. I hold this prayer for our waters to provide this. 


May Mothers be witnessed in their fullest light, may they be supported to release any stress or worries, and return to the divine trust of the Feminine body and primal wisdom of ancestors. 


A key within a Mother’s Blessing is honoring the gift that the Mother is bringing to us through her child. Honor her body as vessel for the Divine Mother. Release energetics that withold her rooting in her truth. Support her in the dark and mysterious places, celebrate her accomplishments, touch her with loving hands, and feed her well. 💛


A Mother’s Blessing is a true gift for all who attend. Anyone who is beloved to a pregnant woman knows this truth of womb blessing.