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At the End, I Return to the Beginning

By Song of Sophia Seven Sister Carrie Poe 


Near the very beginning of the certification program, on the Ostara call in 2021, Eliza brought forward the lineage mythos of Magdalene’s Cave of Eggs.   This was the place in Southern France where a Magdalene came ashore and was received by the Cathars.  She was protected, nourished and surrounded by community in a way that allowed her to do her world work, to lay down the codes for each of us to find our paths here and now.


One of the stories says that this Magdalene got into the sea of Galilee and was carried by the current to the next place where she was meant to start a temple.  She trusted the flow of the ocean to carry her, she was a mermaid after all!   She came ashore spinning her egg of conception consciously and the Cathars recognized her and were so excited to see this mermaid and couldn’t wait to hear what she had to share with them.  


To me this mythos of surrendering to the flow of the sea, or the will of the Divine Mother is very analogous to my story of coming into the Song of Sophia Lineage.  One night four years ago during a time of transformation and initiation in my life I was in the bathtub and felt that I needed to birth something.  It was painful, this stagnation, this solidification of what was meant to be fluid, this realization of unbirthed beauty, potential and creativity I was carrying and didn’t know how to bring into the world.  I surrendered to the Goddess then.  I remember saying whatever it would take, no matter how hard the work would be, I would gratefully accept whatever was required, so long as I didn’t have to carry this heaviness, this pain inside me forever.  


It was only a few days later that I heard about Eliza and the Mermaid Temple from a fellow mermaid.  As soon as I surrendered to Her, to divine will, this came about.  As soon as I got into the ocean, and surrendered to Her flow, I was carried to my temple.  And what I’ve discovered to my great joy, and continuous awe, was that what I was waiting to birth in that bathtub was actually myself.  It was my rebirth.  And the lineage provided me with the Cave of Eggs I needed to allow this creation to gestate.  

I think many of us have stories of finding the lineage home that we may not have even been consciously looking for.  We are mermaids, so we just surrender to the ocean and we are carried to the next place we need to be.  We go online and magically find the SOS website.  Or we sit down on a plane next to a fellow mermaid.  We just keep moving to where the light of nature is shining and this is how we find our way home.  If you are reading this now and you feel called, you likely are!  Trust the flow.  


As we are all preparing to set out on solo journeys to some extent in the coming weeks and months, I believe in my heart and in my womb that if we just get in the ocean, and put it all in Her hands, we will be carried to our next posts.  The next place that we are meant to build our temple.


As lineage keepers of Song of Sophia we are creating this lineage, through every word we speak, every thought or intention.  Through all of our energies.  Through all of the love we are bringing, all the passion we are creating within our sacred unions. Through the divine milk we are feeding our creations.  Through choosing descent work consciously when it is time, and trusting the womb. Our womb waters are the same as Mary Magdalenes, the same as Sophias.  How we tend to our wombs is the same thing as how we tend to the Divine Mother because we are her, we are an embodiment of her, we are her Gentle Daughters.  We are her hands, her eyes, her heart and her wombs in this physical realm. 

May we tend our wombs, our beloveds, our homes and our communities with loving neutrality.  May we hold the light so that others may find their way home.