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Balance at the Equinox

Balance at the Equinox is a Gift

By Eliza, Rosemother of Song of Sophia

You are the earth. As your feet stand on her breathing dirt, a petal stands on a flower.
Her natural flowing rivers are your blood. When you clean the river, you clean your blood. When you reduce pollution, you detoxify your own body.


You are the earth and she is you. These are the feminine mysteries of the Holy Organic.


At the equinox, our earth is in organic balance.
Her day is equal to her night, as is her dark and her light, death and life, through what is seen and unseen.
This means we are also in balance. The tonal signature of the earth is the cellular signature of you.
Every drop of water in your body belongs to her just as her oceanic tides belong to you.


The fae invite attunement to this physiological phenomenon.


The innate balance alive in all beings is the equinox celebration of our primordial ancestors. This is the ancient Harvest.

Find in your body the purity of this remembrance: that every organic being lives within innate balance, twice a year, on the equinox.


What a gift ✨


Drink living water with this knowing. Sense how balance feels as it flows through you in form.
Taste the salt of the earth with this knowing. Recognize what balance feels like on your tongue.
Sound this knowing with your voice into your body. Don’t try to change it. Attune to the presence of balance exactly how it is for you.


Balance does not look the same in every moment. Your lightcodes are as unique as your fingerprint. Be open to receive the ever changing evolution of Her as you.


Sometimes it can be difficult to sense balance in a system that is churning against centripetal force. This looks like the depths of winter’s descent when there is not enough time in the domesticated day. The world seems to spin faster than life can keep pulse within. We have death after death closing in without enough rest or being able to manage it. ⁣


Colonization teaches to numb from the sickness that happens here. Colonization calls it ‘seasonal affective disorder’ and blames sickness on the earth instead of acknowledging the effects of its own indoctrinated inorganic attempts to overpower Her wild edges. ⁣


We are on her wild ride, and equinox is the balance of our shared Wild within. We invite the wild to take up space today as organic reserve, as an immune booster, as restful resource of light AND the natural absence of ⁣


When we try to avoid or control the organic force of the earth, we get sick. This is why we honor the balance that equinox gifts us


It is a soaking of the still threshold of seasons, in the dynamism between life and death, in the neutral space that holds a naturalizing entrainment to the wombwise earthen medicine of rebirth that cannot be escaped.⁣


May we house ourselves in this center, and bathe in it as preparation for the next phase of her cyclical ride. ⁣