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Journeying in Dream Time

Journeying in Dream Time By Sarah Dawn, Seven Sister   Dreams are powerful. They have a way of bringing us to places within ourselves that we are too timid to enter in our waking state. For me, dreams have always been a constant in my life. I still remember dreams from being 5 years old.…

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Make Inclusivity a Priority

Make Inclusivity a Priority By DazZy RaYdiaance, Seven Sister     Inclusivity honors the energy of oneness.   We have all heard how diversity makes sure that everyone feels involved, important, and appreciated for their personal ingenuity and backgrounds. It doesn’t matter what your walk of life has been or where you are on your…

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Let’s talk plant medicine integration!

This relates to a spectrum such as ayahuasca or treating illness with herbs. Song of Sophia teaches that a simple understanding of integration is how the plants are settling within your system AND how your system is settling within plant realm. Wonky integration occurs from a wonky relationship with the consciousness of the medicine –…

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