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Born of Her Womb

Born of Her Womb

Written by Sophia Solomonson with Eliza

The pandemic is generating a seemingly bigger degree of separation across the human spectrum. There are the seen ways such as the physical distancing, masks hiding our faces, stark opinions on vaccinations, and the harmful political polarization of scientifically proven good or bad lifestyles. In the unseen realms, I question if I trust my own discernment. I sense the pandemic creating a separation inside of myself too.


I’ve been working full time as a massage therapist while swimming through this environment. I am exposed to countless people and their belief systems daily. I find that I have challenge holding space for people who get caught up in the mainstream. I am triggered by those who I perceive aren’t thinking for themselves. I tend to it, and I grow.

The reality though is that the loneliness I feel during this time is like no other I have experienced. As I witness the distance between people growing, I can feel my heart breaking and I wonder how we will ever live in a world united like in my dreams.


But my magic that feels it must hide to sustain and also trusts something deeper. I remember how in a sea of darkness, what appears as a mere speck of light is a divine inspiration that efforlessly re-ignites trust, love, and unity. 


As the Easter season passed, I felt Christ Consciousness illuminate my being, once again. I was shown how to ignite this golden flame in my body at a cellular level. In a flash, my heart reopened. I was reborn again with the flowers.

I was reminded how all those around me are in the pain of separation too. We are all doing our best to manage the pain, and evolve in the perfect way for each of our soul’s. Every human on the planet has a unique relationship with Spirit with billions of belief systems alive on the planet, each one as valid as the next.


Eliza often jokes when challenged to accept the inorganic in their own path of evolution, “If the divine mother allows it, I allow it.”

This fits here.

And I remember, we are all born of Her womb, and do not need to have the same belief systems to connect in original innocence of co-creation.

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Blog Post Art: Amy Charlette