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Can We Heal Without God?


Can we heal without God?


It concerns me how MDMA and psilocybin are regularly referred or thought of as SIMILAR medicines.


One is synthetic, and one is organic. There’s nothing similar about this structurally; although, one does mimic empathy (which can be entirely confusing).


It has been clear in my experience that MDMA itself cannot love. It is a substance that can mimic love and provide relief. It can lead us to find our own loving source, but MDMA itself is not alive. Can a substance that can’t love us back actually teach us how to love? I’m curious.

Even with all of the relief that people experience, I still don’t want to minimize that there is something missing.


From my studies – which are NOT teachings, and my own experience:

When a frequency is programmed from a lab, it can’t create a real secure attachment because it cannot be in reciprocity. Life is required for reciprocal relation which is both an organic mechanism and an aspect of choice.


Without reciprocity, relationship is built on an unnaturally sourced foundation. It is a consciousness field programmed to mimic the way that organic life can love. It can share in that groove. It can provide relief, AND informed consent should remind us that this relief is a controlled environment.


A controlled environment can mimic God; and on a subtle level, it can arrange our own sovereign cellular structure to attach securely to an authority or a program.

(How this limitation can position humanity to become more dependent on the machine is not an accident).


To understand the dynamics on a subtle level, study how water molecules shift geometries through energetic charge.

Even though both medicines offer relief, psilocybin is fundamentally different here.  When attuning with psilocybin, there is potential for a connection with a medicine who loves   you.   Psilocybin LOVES, not by program or a consciousness field itself, but by living choice.  Within psilocybin, there is an alive, active being that can choose for itself. The intact mushrooms can feel and respond uniquely to humans and the living environment; co-creating spontaneously in the moment.


When within the mushroom kingdom, it is the literal decomposed spiritbody of our ancestors. It’s so deeply intrinsic. This intimacy is real. This empathy is real, it is familial.

They are RECIPROCATING. We give and receive with the mushrooms intrinsically. Their medicine of psilocybin is charging the circuits between a human and the living food. It’s an organic agent of exchange.

When we work together, human and psilocybin, we rebuild the fabric of society generated from an organic creation point.


This isn’t about judgment or spiritual preference: however it can certainly activate both.

Synthetic food and medicine do not have a choice on how to relate with us. It is a programmed relation (not sparked spontaneously). And this is a big difference to note for me.


Psilocybin is opening a doorway to living evolution – to what is wild, what is relating with us, and what is not foundationally programmable.


However when paired with synthetic and artificial substances, the creativity of psilocybin can also be programmed for agendas (healing or not).

Humans too. We can be programmed for agenda; which is fine if you want it, but largely this is occurring without INFORMED CONSENT.


Instead of every ‘altered state’ substance blindly falling under a PSYCHEDELICS CATEGORY – why is there not immediate acknowledgement / informed consent for what is organic and what is synthetic?

Psychedelics AND?…

The industry has even placed synthetics into the category of “entheogen”. CONFUSING.


The god molecule is no longer the god molecule when made in a lab. This isn’t about judgment or empathy (although the program will make it out to be). It is about informed consent on what is spontaneously sparked and what is otherwise.


I invite the words organic, and synthetic or inorganic, to become more apparent in the psychedelic conversation – especially as the profits from both psychedelics and plant medicine continue to grow, and new people arrive for the experience.


The same power who put a cap on creativity and human evolution, are those who introduced inorganic lifestyles and gmo food environments, and are the same forces responsible for our population needing healing at such an excessive rate.


We as a planet are sick partly because those in control shape society into “needing” synthetic medicine to survive.


It’s a loop.

And this loop pulls us in through a mimicking of empathy (a false empathy). It’s been programmed in the heart. I can feel it now.


PS) These can be challenging conversations to have / they can be triggering; however, I invite a stronger practice of INFORMED CONSENT to include a spectrum of experiential differences between synthetics and organics. May the conditions here become even louder in the conversation / NOT be dismissed.

The general population should be especially informed by those who carry medicine and profit from it; instead of just saying that synthetics are the same and safe – illuminate the spectrum of experiences here.


With Love, Eliza