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Cannabis and Womb Shamanism

Cannabis and Womb Shamanism

I’ve noticed when plants are embodied as a medicine and a prayer of the womb, integration naturally occurs. From experience, my definition of integration: when the world you experience with the plant medicine becomes the world you experience without taking it.

There is clearly a lot of integration not happening even within mindful consumption and intentional ceremonial use. I am passionate about holding a guided ceremonial practice with this ally in union to the living body, the plant spirit, and the land.

It is common place for a world so far removed from union with the divine, or natural world, to treat plant prayers like pharmaceuticals – something to consume, colonize, and direct.

Many of us are starting our relationship with plant medicine informed by escapism from reality instead of inner world awareness.

Please join me for a revival of plant medicine in feminine healing- from the root of creation, from the womb.

For womb shamanism, you don’t necessarily need to ingest the plant. You could deepen your relationship through a living plant next to you, or you could hold the plant material close to your body and regulate together. Whatever unique modality of cannabis medicine is calling you is what wants to come forward for the ceremony.

In Song of Sophia, we learn that it is not about the quantity of medicine we consume, it is about the quality of our relationship with ourselves and the plant.

In this two-hour plant ceremony, I have a focus of teaching what plant-taught intentional prayer is and how that can differ from other intentional prayers. I will also guide us through the womb and into the realms of plant consciousness and deeper still into plant frequency.

We will all bring forward the light of the plant with our voices and sing the song (light language) of cannabis into our bodies.

Cannabis and Womb Shamanism Healing Ceremony

The prayer is to ignite the light language of cannabis within the parts of your body and psyche that are yearning for a deeper capacity for to hold visionary medicine, nurture relationship, and experience sustainable healing.

I recommend arriving with a warm tea, cozy and quiet space, room to lay down and relax, and with your modality of choice. There are many ways to work with this plant medicine. I will have an edible oil that I make, and Patrick will have his pipe. Please choose whatever is calling to you.

If you have yet to do so, you’re invited to seek out organic plant, and get to know who has grown and cultivated your medicine. This is a special part of the process.

For this kind of work, subtle body information is required. Therefore I recommend that you do not choose something that will require too much saturation because the energetic transitions we will be practicing from ‘consciousness’ to ‘frequency’ will be diluted.

This virtual ceremony is to open your womb and merge with the plant to become the medicine prayer embodied.

May all who are called to initiate a deeper intimacy with cannabis be able to attend this online gathering.

Cannabis Womb Shamanism Song of Sophia

Blessings Beloveds.