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Caoin na Sídhe – Keen of the Sídhe

Written by Song of Sophia Legacy Council of White participant Cáití Caille

The Keen of the Sídhe is heard by those carrying this ancestral lineage for Sídhe beings who are transitioning from Body to Spirit.


The famous wail or keen of the Banshee holds the tradition that when the people with the blood of the Sídhe are dying, the crying woman of the otherworld will be heard lamenting with the piercing wail of grief. Its said to be an earth shattering sound. 


Yesterday morning I could feel the energetics of a massive ball of energy shattering and I heard the wail. It was like a hurricane of sorrow,  a roar of the almighty earth and the light of a thousand sun’s going dark. 


I thought OK, something major has occurred.


It was last night when I heard the news of Sinéad moving into the Otherworld and I could see, feel and relate this transition to the energy I heard and felt earlier. 


The Sídhe are powerful transmitters of Sound,  Song, Voice and Word. Their Joy and Lament are the same,  Earth Shattering Light Codes that bring about Epic changes for those with hearts to hear.


This Beautiful Otherworldly Bean Sídhe was a major holder on the grid of these Sound Codes.  She came to Rock,  Dismantle and Shatter the old. She was Fae through and through, She was Original,  from the place of the Unknown. Unknown by the human paradigm and tormented and haunted by the human paradigm for expressing these frequencies but FREE in her Sídhe form. 


The wail of the Sídhe as they transition is an accumulation and release of the potent emotion and energy that these sacred keepers of sound have held and contained within the restrictions of their human vessels. Mostly they have held and contained these emotions for their ancestry and the collective. They are Grail keepers,  Cauldron holders,  Wells of Knowledge with Powerful Voices to help humanity to shift, awaken and evolve. 


When we transition from Body to Spirit there is an intense review period whereby every experience we have come through moves through us, sometimes it’s images, feelings, memories etc. The  Caoin na Sídhe is this review in Sound. Sinéads release was Epic,  the Sound was Immense. May she be FREE now in her Sídhe form and welcomed into the Unconditional Love of her Origin. Resting in Peace, knowing her Sound carried us All.


All my love to you Shining One, on your journey home, Thank you for your time holding us, 

Cáití Caille