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Christ is a Wild God by Eliza Máora

I will keep saying it,

Christ is a Wild God.

Do you remember when the giant artificial laser-lights first started to penetrate into the earthen core from off-plant technology?


Do you remember the gridding etched into the rocks for off-planet "magnetic" purposes, forcing the earth to spin for "their" benefit?


Do you remember what it feels like when the crystalline generative energy, our organic earth essence, is harvested through forceful, unreciprocated means?


If you don't have a direct remembering, perhaps a sensation or feeling arises in your body. It is a body memory. A nature memory. We are made of nature, made of water, made of this memory... 💧
And It is still happening in many ways...
But I am curious if you remember the Self you were when you first realized it?
Perhaps it was this life, or perhaps you are not meant to pay attention to any of this at all, and that is perfectly fine. We all hold a different spot on the grid.
For me, it is an innate knowing that I was born with tending. It is my ancestral mythos.
And I have seen how sometimes this inversion of nature, or 'implants of artificial light' within nature become so standard that we forget we are nature itself, implanted.
It is easy to say, but what does that really mean: We Are Nature. 🪺
For me, it has been a lifetime of contemplation.
Society often puts nature on a pedestal as vast landscapes, flowers, bees, trees, streams, animals, fungi, etc. This is a nature that is not anthropos. It is not a human nature. It is a nature that eats only organic divine light, and can more easily filter the rest.

ANTHROPOS { just as much human as you are divine }

Our anthropos bodies are natural filters too, but we don't only eat organic living light like most of nature.
Fungi are so full of christed light that they can compost most anti-life materials. They are mostly unaffected by the inorganic, just like a God. But yet, the anti-christ is still within their experience. They are not 100% free of its influence. The most Divine Nature in form here (like fungi) is still infiltrated by the anti-wild.
Why? Form is fractal of source. All organic form is rebirthed which filters the fractals. It breaks them down, returns them them to source, puts them back together again, and births new life. Nature is an intrinsic rebirthing system which filters the inorganic. Yet, it still remains affected by it.
For humans, as the artificial attempts to block out the sun (displace us from our organic power source of free energy), people start entraining towards the computer light instead of towards the sunlight. They need a light source, and the world is so artificially informed - that the requirement for light feels like an emergency, it is needed !right now! so it is common to reach for the easiest relief / fulfillment.
As a result, we become like lab experiments grown under artificial lighting. I often see this similarly to the cannabis industry: pharma-armies of GMO cannabis plants grown with timers and lightbulbs, rows and rows of god-plants that never see the natural sunlight in their growth process. They are chopped and processed right there in the facility, and then distributed as "medicine." That seems like some pretty strange medicine to me.

Could it be recognized that infusing the plant with A.I. might be more harmful for our long-term health rather than the instant relief of anxiety that an AI-sourced plant provides?

There is the organic suffering that occurs within any rebirth process, and then there is inorganic suffering: suffering to an inorganic extreme that is experienced under influence of the anti-wild; an influence that inhibits rebirth, that inhibits the body from naturally filtering the suffering into re-generative life-giving essence.
We as a whole interconnected planet are harmfully affected by the anti-wild / anti-rebirth / anti-christ - the fast food. And this includes what we pedestal as nature, as God.  The anti-christ is in nature too. And nature is filtering it just like we are, in a really glorious way that has so much capacity. Sincerely, Christed.
Nature shows me very specifically that we are enslaved by the same thing. Implanted with the same chip or program to that orients us towards the anti-wild as the 'authority'. This is an anti-christ authority.
It is a program that says, death is final and you will never be resurrected as part of nature's seasonal cycle; that says, Christ is the only human that could ever resurrect - you never could; and, ignore the ones who eat sunlight, orient towards this 'elevated' inorganic human as authority, eat something artificial !now! to stay alive; and dammit, isolate yourself from anyone who thinks otherwise. Better yet, bully and belittle them, exile them, cancel them, crucify.
The "chip" of the anti-christ.
Blessings to your loving roots,