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Welcome to the Song of Sophia Library of Self-Directed Teachings that are available for you to study and practice immediately.


You receive lifetime access to become fluent in our language at your own pace, and in your own time.


Each course contains teachings that are a foundation in Song of Sophia lineage study with opportunity for opening to our advanced teachings.


Each Self-Directed Teaching has been pre-recorded with a live audience to provide student connection and the questions that a classroom atmosphere naturally provides.


When you purchase an offering here, please look for the email sent to the address you provide. It will include the links, passcodes, and any additional information.


Enjoy 🙂

Menstruation and Womb Shamanism

Educational SEMINAR for Sophianic lifestyle and ceremonial magic

Menstruation Intensive Course

4 hours

Welcome to the Wild World of the Womb;

sacred, precious, holy, and true.

This is 4-Hours of Shamanic Teaching for menstruation as a living prayer, health practice, ceremony, and sacred lifestyle. Eliza shares her wisdom experiences after leading hundreds of wombs through healing ceremony.  She guides through ceremonial honoring on how to embody your moon cycle, and move through shadows of menstrual pain, resentment, and doubt of your body. These understandings open you up to the mysterious moon blood portal of possibilities, ancestral healing corridors, and sweetness of shedding within the living womb.


Participants say that Eliza’s menstruation transmissions bring them to Inanna Ishtar, and the times of Red Tent when they would have ecstatic bleeding experiences while visioning for the health of their loved ones.

The experience of menstruation is all from a sophianic and shamanic lineage perspective.

I firmly believe that the magic of ancient feminine shamanism should not be a mystery. I vow to share this wisdom effortlessly to any soul seeking it. It belongs to you! Therefore this course is at a lower, more accessible price.

you'll want to bring:

- Cozy nest for journey, quiet, tea, slippers

- Perhaps your moon blood calendar / fertility tracker

- Your menstrual blood

- Journal and pen

Cannabis and Womb Shamanism

virtual healing ceremony

Cannabis and Womb Shamanism Healing Ceremony

2 hours

This virtual ceremony is to open your womb and merge with the plant to become the medicine prayer embodied.

In this two-hour plant ceremony, I have a focus of teaching what plant-taught intentional prayer is and how that can differ from other intentional prayers. I will also guide us through the womb and into the realms of plant consciousness and deeper still into plant frequency.

We will all bring forward the light of the plant with our voices and sing the song (light language) of cannabis into our bodies.

The prayer is to ignite the light language of cannabis within the parts of your body and psyche that are yearning for a deeper capacity for to hold visionary medicine, nurture relationship, and experience sustainable healing.

May all who are called to initiate a deeper intimacy with cannabis be able to attend this online gathering.

preparation invitations for in the days approaching the ceremony:

- Ask cannabis to join your dreamtime

- As much as you can given current health conditions, fast from cannabis

- Limit your social media, news, entertainment, tv, etc

- Limit any interactions with less than life-affirming individuals

- Drink a lot of spring water, make healthy organic foods

- Night before ceremony, do a purification ritual such as a salt bath or smoke bath. Pray with cannabis as you journal about your relationship and see what comes up.

- Day of ceremony, I recommend a vegan diet and eating light.

- Spend as much time alone as you can before the ceremony begins. If you have the hour before to be in solitude and silence such as journal, meditate, do yoga, or take a nature walk alone - this is a great way to prepare.

Plant-Taught Values

Intensive SEMINAR

Plant Taught Values

4 hours

I am presenting from my personal experience of a life devoted to plant communication, attunement, and teachings directly from them.

With all of the human projections occurring on what healing is, how to fix people, and even how to keep them safe, the mushrooms inspired a Plant Taught Values Course. Plant-Taught Values is an in-depth 4-hour Course that covers Eliza’s personal wisdom as a plant-taught devotee. This course is a wonderful introduction to the Song of Sophia womb-wise ritual, intuitive curriculum, and the virtues of the School. Many herbalists say they could listen to this course again and again, and still receive blessings from it. If you are thinking about joining SoS, this is the golden opportunity for introductory experience.

This is a course about the values I've learned through my own relationships with plants; how to rearrange your practices to be plant-taught; and how to work deeper than the emergent inorganic healings that breach individual's energetic consent, and bypass the earth's natural cycles of life and death.


Please play the recording in a quiet, cozy, supportive place to drop deep into the cradle of Gaia Sophia. However, I understand that isn’t always possible – so please tune in from wherever you are with whatever you have going on.

Please bring your plant medicine! I recommend a tea that you already have a great relationship with, and also a plant that you don’t know well.

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