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Dancing with Dragon’s Breath: Wild Icelandic Yarrow

Written by Sophia Solomonson, Song of Sophia Seven Sister




To attune with a plant is to become a part of her to create a dance of sacred union and to allow her to become part of you. 


Wild plants hold an uninterrupted timeline with human existence on Earth. Recently on a trip to Iceland I met with one of my favorite plants, wild yarrow. I didn’t bring any of the medicines I am working with at home because I had a premonition that the land of Iceland had medicine waiting for me. 


She (yarrow) took me by surprise growing wild on the side of the road. I recognized her and yearned to stop, we were calling for each other. To my delight when our car did make a stop, she was there, growing healthily by impressive waterfalls. I thought how is she doing this in such a harsh climate? She grows so delicately in late Fall all the way to the tippity top of the country. Yarrow smiled and hugged me. 


She whispered secrets of staying soft and beautiful in a harsh climate, showing me it is possible. This wild yarrow lay in dragon beds by the side of the river where she told me she is known as Dragon’s Breath.


I was then guided on a shamanic journey beneath the false womb grid to feel the gentle mother holding us. While we have faced the mother wound many times, something soft granted me medicine of a loving gaze upon matriarchal wounds of my ancestry. 


Icelandic wild yarrow was soft and sweet and varied in size and color. I found many plants that were turning purple with the cold. They smell of lavender. She was at every stop and turn. A pure delight for my sweet heart. 


When I first met yarrow many years ago she was a domesticated variety. Hard and sturdy, predictable. Her color was bright and impressive yet dull in fragrance and character. She was domesticated and living in a controlled environment. This colonized yarrow was able to guide me, to support me, in some ways.

Upon reflection I see how brilliance limited within an enslaved Being is not the fault of the Being herself.





The wild yarrow I met in Iceland was truly ageless, timeless. A joyful expression of wild beauty. I know she will be with me always. The land of Iceland greeted me like family. I felt home with her. A land I believe my family will be living within again before our time here is complete.  


As I return home from Iceland, I continue to merge with the wild yarrow. She shows me how preservation of delicacy is held by regenerating in our own light and with the land around us. Not looking for approval from others but knowing that our soul family will always find us if we stay shining in our natural light. Yarrow asked me to prioritize relations where the light of God is flowing freely, and to limit my energy on trying to save people who are lost. 


These lessons, memories, and relations are what merging with plants are in my life. When I remember to lean into them (the plants) for guidance and comfort, rather than take a quick relief like that found in substances (processed foods, sugar, media, etc), I am released from the colonized influences.



Sophia Solomonson, Seven Sister