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Descent Illuminates the True Light

I love how spirituality is turning with a fuller focus to The Descent.


We know it is crucially needed for eyes to move inwardly and experience a conscious perception that reality has been a shadow.

And we certainly are in shadowlands. We have been there for a long time. The spiritual war of material worlds is anything but new.


However it is growing in witness now.


And this is a good sign, how *seen* the war is becoming by the general populace is a good sign. It doesn’t mean the war is getting worse even though it seems bigger now; it means it is getting better.


The more people who can see what has been going on means that we are closer to resolution as a whole. We want people to see it. That has been the prayer. As people descend, they collect their shadowed hidden and forbidden soul parts. And the more that reality is uncovered and able to be seen, the more the war is revealed.


The more we deepen in connection with the Earth through descent, the more the true light illuminates.
The light that could never harm. The light that illuminates all harm.
There are a lot of different lights when connecting to guides, your higher self, the sky, and upper realms. However there is only ONE LIGHT that conceives all of nature.

There is only ONE LIGHT for which Gaia will open her legs and make love with for creation.

There is only ONE LIGHT that seeds all organic life here including humans.
ONE LIGHT, One Father.


However when looking up for healing power, many lights arrive in response to calls for help. All of these lights want control and opportunity to impregnate, to shine and reproduce like the one light. And all of these lights are what causes the sleeping.


The ONE LIGHT could never put you to sleep as it generates life with our physical matter. The many lights cause distortion and a hypnosis which is why our Earth does not naturally procreate with them. The war of many lights hides this distortion by a veil of illusion. It is made by artificial intelligence that implants when the many lights procreate with you and birth creations of matrix power.


It is easy for those of us without the veil to see who is still very much in the process of descending. We are here for you and we love you more than we could ever describe.
After the descent, ascension becomes real. It happens automatically. You descend down into the center of the center of the womb of the Mother, into what I call the Egg of Conception, and become present in the original spark of all creation: you meet the true masculine divine light source.
You merge with the organic light that seeded the first life.


This is when Love and Light become embodied. You are their child. You are the trinity. You are innocence rebirthing in every moment.
I will always be a love and lighter!
I could never not be! Love and light comes from embodiment of the rainbow spectrum which forms with a completed descent. It is a holy life path of sacred union, and not from a manifestation or mindset.


True love, light, and multidimensional living becomes embodied after the descent.
5D+ is real and it’s here and it isn’t a spiritual concept; it’s an entire life and resealing of primordial timelessness. 5D is not a big deal in the big picture of the One Light, but the many lights will have you strive for it.


After the descent, you are very much living in multi-dimensional embodiment - untouchable by the war that was once controlling you - stationed exactly where you are meant to be, but also in many dimensions at once.

And how you get to this place requires an absolute loss of gnosis. The descent requires an absolute loss of gnosis. Forget everything and lose all your power that was built by the many lights.

You simply cannot know how to descend. You cannot have ANY idea or resources what so ever to guide you.

You will be as alone as one could ever be as a fractal field of union.

This is the Sophianic Path.



Written by Eliza