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Descent Work as a Response to Psychic and Energetic Abuse

A deadly thing about abuse in the psychic + energetic realms is you cannot run away.


Unlike here in the physical, we can run away from our abusers. We can make legal boundaries, block numbers, remove their life from ours.


In the energetic and psychic realm, it is not that cut and dry, and especially when attacked from an inorganic program of the astral plane.


Of course there is a psychic realm in attack from a physical abuser too, but when an entity is only of an energetic quality, it can be incredibly challenging to locate the threat and disarm the attack.


Suicide is not organic.
Addiction to self-harming behaviors are not organic.


It is not natural to experience pleasure from dependence on harming yourself, or to continually treat pain with pain.


Chronic disrespect to self, chronic pain and suffering usually co-exist with a psychic and inorganic entity attachment.


An important value to recognize is that inorganic entities are anti-life, and it is not your fault you are experiencing them.


They were programmed to distort innocence.


Chronic nightmares, self-defeating voices, violent thoughts or visions, chronic headaches or stomach aches, mystery illnesses and stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation - this can all be caused by or exasperated by a psychic or energetic entity.


Transforming the ability to be inorganically attacked requires that we do not turn away from the abuser.


We do not run. We do not look away.
We do not aggravate it through our trauma body in an astral fight.  Often times stating a decree or a sovereignty vow also doesn’t work.


What is required is a DESCENT: a personal and lived experience of gathering up our forgotten and forbidden soul parts, and restoring them into innocence.


In the Descent, we bring all parts of ourselves here and now into the center of the Earth. It is a literal visceral experience. We feel all the layers of our body existing in the center of the Earth. It is an unmistakable somatic experience.


The Descent happens to be my specialty. I have completed many of them, and I am delighted to offer a 2-Hour seminar on invoking the descent as an actual lived experience in your body through the Beginner’s Guide to Sophianic Womb Embodiment.


This is a seminar of Sophianic Midwifery and also a trauma trained space. However, for those living within a very tender personal mythos, this seminar is for collective soul rebirth, and is not for those who require personal attention at this time.