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EliJah Light’s Umbilical Cord Medicine Rattle

This beautiful post about the preservation of her son’s umbilical cord is offered by Song of Sophia student Zuri Snow.


In Song of Sophia we are always celebrating the simple ways that the ordinary and the functional weave with divine intention to create a life of authentic ceremony.



My medicine man soul mate & husband @cosmicwink had the wise idea to preserve EliJah Light’s umbilical cord by wrapping it around a medicine rattle he adopted in Peru. The wood of the handle was porous, and the umbilical cord preserved nicely spiraling around it after drying in the sun. I wrote Eli’s soul song with the help of this rattle, and one day we will gift it to him in a rite of passage ceremony as he comes of age.


The significance of the umbilical cord is the first physical tether of connection a baby has to their mother, as well as to the cosmic tree of life (the placenta). The prayer is that holding and singing with this rattle will help my son remember the origin of his Soul. 


I love the idea of weaving intentional ritual in a functional, usable way. The way I get to hold his umbilical cord every time I shake this rattle is so special. We plan to do something similar with our next baby’s umbilical cord.


The photo below is of our son’s umbilical site being treated with Dragon’s Blood, an antiseptic tree sap from the Amazonian rainforest. His site healed beautifully and quickly. 





As I prepare for the birth of my 3rd child, I am feeling deeply grateful for the plants, rituals, and earth energies that guide and support us when we are open to receiving them. I am genuinely feeling so confident and trusting in the journey of this next birth, and postpartum, and curiously eager to see what medicine and growth this baby will bring our family. 


I feel my body softening and preparing, and the veil thinning, as I enter my third trimester. The visions of my birth are becoming more vivid, mysterious in many ways yet clear. This baby will be brought into the world surrounded by so much love of family and community.

Our Living Relative, the Earth, as my midwife.

Written by Zuri Snow