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Empowering the Otherworld

I feel so much grief around the ways plant medicine is continually removed from the wild; siphoned from the otherworld… and called “innovation”. 


The factory farming of mushrooms; clinical trial studies; laws, regulations, and putting medicine in the hands of ‘therapists’ as an authority… Lemon-Tec and standardized “microdosing protocols” 😭


Mushrooms and Ayahuasca don’t belong in capsules. They require an active presence; a relationship with the sensory body. Smell, taste your medicine! Gaze upon her full body. Meet her in the perfect place for a nibble. 


Sit with her long enough to know your own dosage and destiny. 


I mean, the literal medicines are asking for it. 

But the inversion isn’t listening to that. Fast food medicine can’t happen with that kind of presence. “Innovation” and “access” is just looking for ways to DEVELOP medicine in an artificial matrix. 

There won’t be actual healing there. The way the ancients know it to be true, anyway. 

But there will be self-obsession; glazes and rosy overlays on the pain. There will be coping mechanisms. Happier ways to remain enslaved. There will be highs. 


When zooming out, innovation looks like self harm, and ultimately a devastation. 

Another genocide of the true fae (shaman) while maintaining the fantasy with glitter and plastic wings. 🧚🏻‍♀️ 


I’m speaking of the ever-growing narcissistic consumerism of entheogens; a continuum that ultimately encapsulates the divine. 


Ways in which medicines are regulated, produced, and offered in “safe” ways is an inverse of freedom. This is not the actual sovereignty of these medicines themselves leading the way. It’s a control grid on Gaia – it is devastating to those of us who have carried these medicines for lifetimes. Those of us whose ancestors have sat around lifetimes of fires and put communion with these plants first. Those of us who are the ancestors of the fae; stewards of the otherworld, keepers of the magic running through these plants themselves. 


The rising technology and the forcefitting of entheogens into an artificial grid is a continual devastation. They are not your pharmaceutical. When treated as such, their actual magic is drained into an artificial grid – not fortified or reproduced by natural reciprocity. 


All of these people are uninitiated. Highly educated, but uninitiated. Great intentions, but uninitiated. 


There is massive enthusiasm – people experiencing a high from a medicine and saying – wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone could try this? 

How do I make enough of this to get it into the hands of everyone? 

How many people can we pack into our every-medicine-under-the-sun retreat? 


And without the initiation, there is no doorway to the otherworld. No sustainability. 

It’s creating a world where the medicine consciousness is enslaved to the consumer. 

Enslaved to the “emergency”. 


The mushrooms curated on their access to the divine. We are setting limits on their medicine. This but not that, mushrooms. Not that much of the truth, it doesn’t fit into our system. 


People cannot hear the plant medicine herself. They say they hear her, but it is themselves and their limited worldview reflected back. 🪞