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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn about the School before filling out the application form?

Look to the Prospective Student Portal, downloadable here

If I don’t enroll this year, when is the next opportunity for enrollment available?

There will be a Self-Directed Healing Self-Study Course (not live) January 2022 - 2023 with the next available enrollment for a Live Course: January 2024 - January 2025. The next availability for Ceremonial Healing Practitioner Certification is predicted to be January 2024 - April 2026.

I see an option for the Plant Attuned Practitioner Course. Can I sign up for that separately?

No, the Plant Attuned Practitioner is only an option for those who have graduated from the Ceremonial Healing Practitioner Spiral.

Given the state of the world, I am having a hard time committing to two years of school, but I want to be more involved than the Self-Directed Healing Spiral. Can I sign up for just the first year of Ceremonial Healing Practitioner?

Not at this point in time. Those who sign up for Ceremonial Healing Practitioner will sign a mutual agreement that benefits the health, integrity, and economic wellbeing of both Song of Sophia and the student. This agreement takes extra care to honor both parties given the uncertainty of the world, and what may come. The School is offering this course purposefully during this revolutionary era, and working with those who feel called to take the plunge together into the inherent unfolding. Here is a message from Eliza, the Creative Founder of SoS, that gives more information on our approach to the uncertainty.

What if we can’t travel because of Corona?

If borders are closed and travel is impossible, Eliza will tune-in to see what our next best option is, and we will do something equally as supportive, nourishing, divine, and educational. Only sign up for the Certification Spiral if you are comfortable traveling during these times. 

Do you work with h’apeh tobacco, kambo, or sananga?

Not in this lineage. We work with other plants though.

Will I be a birth doula and death doula upon CHP Certification?

Yes, you will be both. The Song of Sophia curriculum approaches both birth and death as a sacred rite of passage for womb shamanism. 

Can I have a separate Reiki Master Teacher Certification if I graduate the Practitioner Spiral?

Hands on energy healing techniques are taught throughout first and second year. You will certainly be learning techniques that Eliza taught in her Reiki Master Teacher course, and she is open to giving any graduate a separate certificate for RMT. However, as she teaches hands-on healing with a background in Reiki, the skillset focused upon is more in tune with Divine Will, and a womb-wise, plant taught approach to the Sophianic Pillars of the School, without too much of a focus on Reiki symbols or ideology.

How long do I have access to the Song of Sophia classroom and recordings?

The Self-Directed Healing Spiral has online access for 16 months: January 2021 - April 2022, with lifetime community access and many recordings available for Lifetime Access. The Ceremonial Healing Practitioner has 1 year of access post-graduation, with lifetime alumni benefits, school community, and  many recordings downloaded for Lifetime Access as well.

Can I enroll in the CHP Certification Spiral without going to the in-person training retreats?

No. The in-person training retreats are critical in the process of the study we are presenting, and the knowledge of self. The retreat days required at the Mermaid Temple will total 30 days by the end of your second year. It totals a month of in-depth training over a series of 4 retreats. Hawaii and the Celtic Isles are also required which are 9 days and 13 days respectively.

Can I get a tuition price breakdown?

You can find All Things Tuition in the Prospective Student Portal

What are the requirements for the Self-Directed Healing Spiral?

There are no requirements or commitments to time, work, energy given, or presence. The only requirement is that you agree not to teach the material that is being presented, and that it is for your journey of self, only.

What are the requirements for the CHP Certification Spiral?

There is about 6-Hours of Live Participation per moon cycle; 3 Retreats per year; homework, assignments due such as botanicals, plant medicines, meditations, journeys, ceremonies, rituals, crafts, journaling, recipes, volunteering, and leadership.

What are the dates for the CHP required live calls?

You can find the dates listed at the bottom on the Prospective Student Page

What happens if I miss a required CHP call?

The calls are mandatory because you are participating in order to share the material. Your involved experience matters because it turns into your wisdom. All of the calls are recorded and will be available for some time after they are live. Every meeting you miss, you need to watch the live call on your own time AND schedule a 30-min catch-up meeting with your Seven Sister mentor. The first two catch-up meetings per year are free of charge; after that, you will be invoiced $50 for each catch-up meeting. *There are a few minor exceptions for international students.

Any other questions?
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