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By Samantha Rhoads


My Word for 2021: Free.

It’s taken some time to arrive at what I want to infuse into my New Year. What do I want defining my experiences and fueling my growth through the next 12 Lunar cycles? 

With what do I want to create an intimate relationship of learning the shadows and the enlightened areas of its creation and history?

In 2019, when I began the practice of “Word of the Year”, I was in a dark night of my soul, lacking direction, and meaning in my intentions. I was feeling lost in the sea of magic that was opening up before me. 

I chose Love as my very first Word.

Love opened me up to it’s energies beginning with Self. I developed self-care practices and rediscovered what ignites my soul. 

Authenticity was next, and what a Word to have for 2020. It helped me push past uncomfortable edges so I can act and speak transparently and with love from my highest Self- the highest form of authenticity shown to me.


When feeling into what is showing up for me for 2021, I took a long and slow pause. When looking into the lessons that I’m currently facing personally and on a global level, many words came to the surface – but they all ultimately pointed to: Free.

I invite FREE to tag along with me through this next year. Reminding me that I am a Free and Sovereign being. Allowing all parts of myself to be seen and heard and accepted. Rejoicing in the acceptance of Every Body’s ability and right to be Free and to live how they choose. Also this means surrendering to the dark side of Free- separation and persecution, conditions and restrictions.

I hope to continue to live in authentic love as I learn to accept myself and all other beings as Free and Sovereign- and to learn what that means to truly embody and live

I wish above all else, to continue to learn to accept the free choices of others – knowing there is space for us all in this Free World.

What Word will you invite into your 2021?

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