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Groundwork in Sovereign Creation

All of the transmissions, retreats, writings, and classes that I offer are ‘training’. It is the essence of what I do – I am the archetype of 33 / ‘teacher’. Training naturally occurs.


However I make clear boundaries and distinctions in the training because 1) extraction of the Mother is a foundation of western culture; and 2) there is a distorted ‘race against time’ where everyone must be “healed” now.


These boundaries come from so much love!


In the default mindset, mostly everything is for transaction and consumption. People participate in something and wonder what they can get out of it. Every last drop is a way of life. Extraction is a way of life.


This is empathically understandable. Civilization has been starved of intimacy, demineralized, beaten down… survival is real. But it doesn’t make it right or excusable in the natural world.


Wisdom cannot be extracted when it is organically conceived.


This is the ‘primordial’ heritage I dwell within. It is held by an unbreakable bond in the otherworld; where human and divine meet. A soul can be separated from a body; but the Wisdom will remain. She will remain.


People are not “certified” for anything in a 9-week course… initiations cannot be extracted no matter how hard someone tries. I gag.


Courses can start a process that leads to actual human experience. And that is what I believe a ‘certification’ should be – acknowledged as a completion of important groundwork that will open maturation into the wisdom required, in realtime.


There is no time limit on wisdom. It arrives as a lived experience – directed by relationship with GOD – unavoidable and uncontrollable; nothing more, nothing less.


Our default higher education system is mostly fatigue, busy work, extraction, proving, delusional bullshit. I also offer higher education – it is doctorate groundwork in sovereign creation. And after the diploma – the real research starts.


It is years of integration for the wisdom to conceive, gestate, birth, and grow into actualized expression. This is the lived experience that will train you in plant medicine.


Most of the people who join Song of Sophia are at least knee-deep into initiation already; if they haven’t made it through a few full rounds, and are offering their beautiful medicines.




I offer exceptional detail, I lead by dieta and example, and your being within the entrainment field will create your own unique lived experience. I will sing in to you in ways that completely demonstrate what is occuring multi-dimensionally. I have impeccable skill here and it is an offering from my heart.


From this meeting, in the offering of our hearts, is where wisdom can organically form herself.  From the in-between is where Sophia is born and reborn again.


The training that occurs in the school is inevitable.


If you are meant to serve plant medicine, it will happen eventually – If you are meant to be an oracle, the embodiment of what you speak of will happen eventually – but that really isn’t the ‘plan.’


And when it is your ‘plan’, be prepared to be thrown around in the cosmic laundry services with many doors closing and a painful death of everything you thought you knew. 


Death doesn’t have to be extraordinarily painful – it can be if you want and like that kinda stuff, but it doesn’t have to be at all. During an organic death process, pain occurs AND it is met. It cycles through like the seasons; both easy and edgy. The devastation is always rebirthing.





When it isn’t cycling through –  I share how to properly restore this as well. I offer the primordial blueprint, and life will give you the initiation. iykyk


Everyone will procure wisdom, and what that looks like is none of our business right now. But students are trained in exactly what is required for where they are on their soul path. No expectations because that causes unnecessary pain and fuels the machine.


However, I have no doubts about everyone receiving what they need, and feel incredibly grateful for Christ as Source that supports the school.


Where there is respect, there is abundance.


Thank you for your humility. xo 


~Rosemother Eliza