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In the Operation Room of Creation

A Reflection by Rose Mother Eliza

My early morning contemplation brought me back to the angel’s chorus that we all become deep in the night of ceremony.

A sister shared how she heard our chorus of voices as a child, and it was such a profound experience, that it has directed her through out life. She now sees how that chorus was always us.

Another sister remembers my song from her childhood. She would hear it when she was being abused. We now know this is because I have sang this song directly into her abuse memories, and like a guardian angel from the future, I was actually there with her.

I also often speak of the angel’s chorus that I hear when I am in the sacred union frequency, when I don’t have any ideas who I am, that I am in a body, or could ever even exist – and the angel’s chorus sings me back home.

You know that place in union frequency when you have the opportunity for rebirth, and it feels like you could die right there or continue to live?

That is where the chorus of Song of Sophia sings.

We live there, right at that edge.

That edge can be found in the body too. In all the places that hold the between of dead and alive.

Also we are in the cervix, the cerebellum, in the eyes, the trinity of the heart.

Our chorus is becoming so precise that it can ride the smallest, tiniest, crevices and edges of consciousness. We do this without trying.

I notice because in the middle of our transmission, I orient to find ourselves on the cosmic map, and I am always blown away by where I find us and the precision of our song.

I recognize our chorus as a finely tuned scalpel in the operating room of creation.