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Jordan’s Living Lemuria Inspired Poem

Jordan Judith is a student of the Living Lemuria Immersion.  She joined us this December in Hawaii for an attunement with ‘Ohi’a lehua.  This is a poem inspired by her experience.  


I’m laying at the site of my burial

Face to the Earth eyes wide and I sink deeper into her

Bones scattered into powder

As I weep,

Her fungi finger grab ahold

And pull me deep


Deep into the original pulse

That shatters frequencies

Of shame and all things false


The seeds that lay here

Are soaking in the juice of my decomposition


And I wonder what they will be



Maybe wildflowers so sweet

That hummingbirds and bees will come to feast

And bugs and slugs will delight

At the crunch of my leaves


Or maybe lava will cover me

Paving the way

For new life to be


But for now I breath in the smell of sweet dirt

And exhale

All that I was holding onto that was

“Not of this earth”

Not organically birthed


And the pain that comes I feel

And I celebrate the chance to heal

And to return to Her Womb


Redeemed and alive

Fully bloomed


-Jordan Judith