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Journeying in Dream Time

Journeying in Dream Time

By Sarah Dawn, Seven Sister


Dreams are powerful. They have a way of bringing us to places within ourselves that we are too timid to enter in our waking state. For me, dreams have always been a constant in my life. I still remember dreams from being 5 years old. It is where I journey to other realms and dimensions, where I visit with the dead, and where I find guidance.

Recently I have been having recurring dreams of a childhood house. There is something upstairs in that house for me like a creature. It is terrifying, and also needs my recognition. Yet I can’t make it up the stairs. While on a mentoring phone call with Eliza, I bring this up to her. She asks me if i could journey there in my waking state. Without hesitation I say yes. Before I knew it, we were connecting deeply to the womb of the earth, calling in the compassionate medicine ancestors of my lineage, and she was singing to me, opening herself up as a portal for me to go there safely.

We called upon earth element. As the drum pounded and her voice sang, I went into an almost trance like state. I was able to walk up the stairs in my childhood house. With each pounding of the drum, another footstep. As I got closer to the top of the stairs, the creature grew smaller and started to project scared and deeply sad energy to me. I stared at the creature as it quivered in fear itself but still unable to get through a locked door.

We called upon fire element. Eliza continued to sing and drum. I could feel the fire burning in my right ovary which suddenly became enflamed and turned into my dragon self with beautiful bright wings. My whole body was actually burning up as I embraced my dragon self.

I stood there at the top of the stairs and with no hesitation busted through the door.
The room was covered from ceiling to floor in hundreds of these creatures. The energy was full of sexual trauma, fearful, and deep in grief. These creatures were mating all over the place, and I instantly felt sick.

Again though, without hesitation my dragon self blew flames to burn all those creatures, but burned them in love. I saw them all charcoal, turn into ashes and float up into a beautiful light.

As disgusting as they were, I felt deep compassion for them.

Once they disappeared, I saw myself as a child, with my head down a grayish color all within my body, sitting on the bed. While looking at my child self, I was able to feel many children in the room.

We called in the air element, Eliza guided me to gather all the children and fly up up up. I busted through the roof as my dragon self, and flew up and straight into a creek near the home.

We called in the water element. There I was in the water as myself now with my child self then. The one who was trapped in that room, full of all those creatures. As I felt the water wash over us, I felt immense gratitude and awe. All this time my child self was waiting to be rescued, to be saved from this space, this realm – and in the end, it was myself now that was able to get her out.

In that moment, in the water, with this realization, my child self lifted her head, and became filled with color. She came to life.

In real time, I felt a part of myself come alive too for the first time in 17 years.
A journey like that needs to be celebrated.

So when all was said and done, I ate some fruit and honey, drank some lemon water, and I laid out to soak up the sun.

Featured Art by Autumn Skye