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Last Night I met Cannabis

Last night I met Cannabis. 
By Madison Earthwalker, Student of Song of Sophia



Our “relationship” began about 7 years ago, but last night we finally, truly met.
I attended a Womb Shamanism Virtual Cannabis Ceremony with Eliza Rosemary Sophia and I opened myself up to the plant in a way I never had before.


This was a fully submersive medicine journey accompanied by tears, shaking, laughter, and *remembering* as her medicine coursed thru my body.
Soooo many things came thru.


As she reminded me of my connectedness to the delicious energy of the planet, I apologized to her for being ignorant and for closing myself off to her truth. For closing myself off to the Spirit of Natura Sophia (nature). She reassured and reminded me that she holds space for this, and that the only one I must apologize to is myself. It felt as though all of Nature, right down to the Womb of the planet, nodded in agreement and embraced me so tightly.


As I make more room for her in my body, I listen, watch, and feel all the ways she makes her light known. It is a literal light- a green-gold hue, much like Aurora Borealis, moving across my eyelids. Moving up from the velvety-black womb of the planet where all consciousness originates, through the umbilical cord that attaches I to it, and into my body. She moved freely about my vessel, illuminating what SHE wanted me to see.


I ask her what SHE thinks the healing should look like…
We do not come to this space with preconceived notions about what healing should take place. We don’t project onto the experience. It is simply our job to get out of the way.


We communicated like never before. In sacred reciprocity. As the waves came up into my body, I breathed them in, and breathed them right back out, down down down into the Womb of Gaia.


I give thanks to Santa Maria (cannabis) for holding space for me while I slept on the true beauty of her essence. I give thanks to myself for opening up to this somatic journey.
And special thanks to Eliza, founder of Song of Sophia School.
Her teachings are potent, true, and sustainable.


I pray more of us are able to reclaim our relationships with sacred plant medicines.
Thank you to the keepers of these medicines throughout time, human & natura alike. I am grateful.


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