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Plant Medicine Integration

This relates to a spectrum such as ayahuasca or treating illness with herbs.

Song of Sophia teaches that a simple understanding of integration is how the plants are settling within your system AND how your system is settling within plant realm.

Wonky integration occurs from a wonky relationship with the consciousness of the medicine – which usually occurs from putting human agenda of what healing looks like above nature’s divine prayer (aka Sophia).

I’ve found the most successful integration support for plant medicine healing is with someone who is highly shamanic & well practiced in psycho-emotional embodiment / somatically attuned modalities.

In SoS, this looks like the plants sung into the body aka the relationship with the plant being fortified in a world where She (the fullness of Sophia) is still mostly forbidden, misunderstood, and demonized.

Song of Sophia teaches that the alchemical aspect of integration is your relationship with the plant itself… that integration begins before ceremony, or before you put the medicine in your body.

The plant medicine community (herbal) needs integration support systems (herbalists) who know the plant is teacher.
I’m training Song of Sophia students to hold herbal medicine and ceremonial integration by:


  • Devotion to the plant path
  • Singing the plants into the body
  • Helping to fortify the persons relationship with the frequency of the medicine
  • Understanding the dangers of plant medicine ceremonies
  • Understanding forces that steal your relationship to the medicine and diet
  • Understanding that plant medicine healing does not work the same as a prescription medication and the purpose of that
  • Proficient dreamweaving
  • Clearly seeing the plants in the body and resistance to the medicine aka relationship bond from both plant and human


  • Nutritional / diet support
  • Psycho-emotional support
  • Sensitive to trauma support
  • Somatic support
  • Embodiment support


  • Not trying to change the plants teaching or your outcome
  • Not trying to equate healing as painfree experience
  • Not scared of the earth’s cycles of life and death but are rather, here for them.