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Lion’s Gate Portal Recommendations

For the Next Week or So ::
Lion’s Gate Portal Recommendations
1 Drink more water than usual.
Go on a pilgrimage to a freshwater spring near you (, and gather the water you need for the next week +.


2 Take supplemental support.
Vitamin C; ADK; Methyl B; Magnesium; NAC; CoQ10; Minerals!


3 Get your greens everyday.
Big salads or green juice, green powders, seaweeds, etc.


4 Cleanse
Ferments; enemas; steams; emotional cleansing; media cleanse and cleansing of your magical tools, crystal anchors, altars, etc


5 Tune out the inorganic chaos
and start to really tune into the light codes presenting themselves.
Gather with your families of light, and know it is okay to shut the other stuff out for a few days while we absorb all the potential for healing within our stargate reunion.
New missions are forming for many.


6 Be Close to the Elements
Make plunges in the sunshine; into the ocean / river / lake; immerse in floral water! Call the rain!


7 Practice your light language.
It is evolving.


8 Rest Naked in Nature
Sit with the wild abundance of growing herbs, flowers, berries, and mushrooms.
Lay naked on the earth.
This is something I practice often…
just sitting with the wild ones when I have a
strange urge to cultivate, cultivate, cultivate as medicine.


As an example, I ask people who come over not to pick the mushrooms they find on my land. And we don’t pick the berries until they are basically jam on the bush!


Note from the Abundance of Wild Beings


The mushrooms often communicate the massive amounts of healing they facilitate when they remain rooted as an ‘intelligent hub’ in the ground; comparatively to being picked for food or medicine.
The medicine council is truly in the ground.


Have you noticed the wild abundance?
Our ancestors are doing rebirthing work and evolutionary healing right now through their patterns of in-ground communication. They are in relation with the entire planet; tuning into what we need as the greater Gaian family.


When they are left in the ground, they remain directly connected in the light network, and continue to bring their regional findings to a Mother Hub for Council.


The wild abundance isn’t necessarily sprouting everywhere to be picked for consumption or for human material usage in that way.
Lay with the medicines you want to collect,
and absorb their nutrients and teachings through the network of light in the earth.


Their medicine lasts longer in your body this way, anyway!
This is how you become a mushroom!
They ask to let them continue their gridwork. It is incredible and important.

They are leaders of Gaian Sovereignty.


I love you!


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