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Alexia’s Living Lemuria Integration

Alexia traveled with her baby, Hayes to the Song of Sophia Living Lemuria Immersion. Here is her reflection from integrating the healing transformation a few weeks after being in Hawaii.


“Integration has had good days and bad days. But your practices have been so helpful. Here is something I wrote after implementing your Four Breaths while in nature.


Let the Earth hold me.
Breathe her in from the top.
Wind blows through my hair.
Breathe her in through the front.
Sun shining on my skin.
Breathe her in through the back. Water flowing by.
Breathe her in through the bottom.
Rocks supporting my whole being.



“Take up space,” the wind whispers as she blows my body’s stance open and wide.
“Smile with joy,” the sun responds to me as I settle into my womb.
“Now breath into me,” is what I hear from the womb of The Mother.
“Soft and dreamy,” I remember from my teacher Eliza.


Four breaths is all it took to come to a womb-led whole body co-regulation. Regulating with the Earth. Slowing down to feel her pulse. Slowing down to be held by the warmth of her womb. Slowing down to feel the pulse of my womb.


And instantly I am connected. No need to “make magic happen” because I am in my womb, where creation is birthed! Where love resides! I welcome Christ light into my body. And this is it. This moment, of being a womb birth creation, accepting the light and love of Sophia and Christ, where I’m settling into.


This practice is changing my life. I now know the difference between “womb-led decisions” and “distortion-led decisions.” I can recognize the organic and inorganic more easily. I am accepting Christ light and love into my body! I feel the songs of Sophia humming inside my body, waiting to be sung out. As I sing, the elements harmonize with me.


Smiling with JOY for these teachings!”


Alexia Maikranz