Living Lemuria

Seminar & Retreat

November 6 - 20, 2022 

Online Training & Transmission Seminar

December 3 - 9, 2022

Hawaiian ‘Big Eye’ Retreat (Whale Season!)

*capacity full*

Enrollment complete for 2022 immersion

Celebrate the living essence of your soul lineage.

Perhaps you hear a calling when you imagine the lava-filled mountains leading to the sea. The way sunight reflects through the crystalline waters ripples a subtle pulsing in your womb, and rays of  rainbow hues are often in your sight as if they were dancing.

You are invited into the magnetic pull of Lemurian Mother Consciousness now.  Can you feel it?

The Great Mother unfolds for us all in the exact right timing. Her portal in Lemuria is passage into the organic earth grid that births all of creation in love. Through this Immersion, we learn to embody this passage.  It is a tender initiation into the magic you are restoring into being with hands-on support for emotional capacity, trauma healing practices, and an expansive imaginal attunement into the plant and faerie realm, just beyond the veil.

‘Living Lemuria’ is both an online seminar and in-person retreat into the wildly fertile lineage from which all primordial beings were once separated. This is a returning home to 'heaven on earth' as your own body, and also a soul retrieval of both the stars and the plants.

With intention to respectfully reclaim and receive, this immersion offers presence for restoring yourself as an founding seed of sound for the Earthen Return to Love.

Will you sing and dream with us in the turquoise waters of our mermaid ancestors?

Lemurian Magic is real, beloveds.

And it is miraculous medicine of love in service.

An experience of truth is a frequency harmonic. Restoration of your Lemurian frequency connects a vital natural essence within you that never forgets the frequency of truth again.

Living Lemuria is for those who have a felt longing to rebirth the rainbow beauty of their soul, and to live it honorably as an everyday innocent reality.

Influences of mainstream society have inhibited our psychic and creative powers for generations. This 2-Month Immersion with Song of Sophia is designed to divinely pause the inorganic chaos for a restoration of the innate blissful frequency always available as your emergent creative flow. We will light the perpetual flame of your womb cauldron to miraculously transform blockages, shame, and unconscious resistance to living a life without harm.

This world cannot wait to unfold for you! There is so much love for you here. Let's celebrate it together!

This Immersion is a gift of timeless education, wise and embodied support, and fluid spaciousness to devote to your creative purpose and merge the heavens with the ever-blooming plant world.

weave the future of your sacred light tapestry

All creation is formed within the sacred union of sound and light.

These are the Mysteries of Innocence tended within Song of Sophia, and supported through Hawaii as the island is a portal to the womb of creation. Hawaii is a Lemurian Mother Dragon of both bejeweled creation and firey destruction. The teachings here are living school of death and rebirth; of ancient restoration, and future of family.

Experience a gateway into Song of Sophia teachings, land activations, a plant-taught attunement with Ohia Lehua (a Hawaiian tree of rebirth), womb-wise ceremonies of Lemurian ancestry, and ritual blessings by our dear Hawaiian elder Kumu Eheulani.

The emerald hearts of Druidic and Celtic ancestry have roots to recover in Lemuria. It is a soul retrieval.

"I return to the crystalline codes of Hawaii again and again to receive the gifts that our Lemurian ancestors so graciously bestow through practices of Sophianic ritual devotion.

My first attunement to the land and sea in Hawaii revealed a Lemurian treasure in my soul, a diamond remembrance of my own history that catalyzed an alchemical transformation I can only describe as karmic healing and core parts of me returning home."


Eliza Maora

I was invited to bring magical women to the Big Island by a blessed Lemurian Kahuna in 2019; and each year since, I have loved witnessing their restoration of memory, soul ancestry, and gifts of the light. Hawaii has gifted (returned) much mana to me. There is a strong mythos and ancient medicine that I am guided to share with others who feel the calling home.

This magic is for the good of all. As I hold a Fertility Lineage of Sophia and the Rose, the Lemurian frequency I share is from the womb chalice of the Holy Grail. It is an effortless, harmless magic that has inspired a holy rebirth of the ages.

My favorite experience of Lemurian Mother Frequency is when I was soaking a ways off shore of the Big Island. Surrounded by the deepest blue hues of the water and sky, I looked beneath me.

There was a mama and baby whale there, about fifteen feet below my body, which was floating on the surface. 

I reached my arms down towards them because the light from the sun was making beautiful waves of rainbow color in the waters between us. It was asking me to touch in, like a magnet. The mother whale released a breath, and a series of vortexing ring bubbles rose out of her body. They floated up directly into my heart, the very center of my being. The whales swam a bit further, and turned around to swim underneath me again. I had an emotional release and a release in my body as the Whalemother again exhaled her rings of watersong into my heart. 

My heart grew many sizes as her song met my chest. The rings sounded with an angelic tone, a Song of Sophia, and I had an immediate knowing and spinning of my own light records.


I shifted into a lightbody from what the mama whale gifted me, and that activated my own whale memories. It took me on a several day natural psychedelic journey into my own divine mother embodiment and mythos of Lemuria, Atlantis, the Fall of Consciousness, sound and light as creation, and returned my true star family to my soul. I hold my fondest teachings of Lemuria from the whales.

I have invested much of my life force with the Big Island, being directed by the wild ways of lava flow, sitting in ceremony with Ohia Lehua, having personal explorations with the land, sea, and medicine making.

My relationship with Big Eye offers celebration and a direct initiation into whatever is waiting for you. The Island and I will take good care of one another and you, together. She invites us into her transmission as a full embrace and transformation. This is why I have crafted the Immersion into a 2 Month structure.

Such magic requires space for opening, surrender, immersion, threshold, breakthrough, lifestyle shifting, and integration.

Meet Dazzalina Raydiaance

Dazzalina is the Assistant Facilitator and a Student Teacher in Song of Sophia School. She is pictured here with Kumu Ehulani during her Celebration of Love on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Eliza and Dazzy met four years ago in Waipio Valley on a journey with Kumu Ehulani, and their connection has beautifully grown since then through years of full-time devotion together.

Dazzy has been receiving Lemurian memories, healings and weavings with the spirit of the Big Island for over 10 years, and is currently creating a home temple on the green glowing peridot  lava field.

Her deep connection with Pele is embodied in her shamanic work, and it is a pleasure to have her on our team for this initiation. We are all blessed by her presence!

Meet Kumu Hula

We love Kumu Ehulani. She is a wise woman with sparkling eyes, a humble and generous teacher, and gifts of Lemuria overflow from her heart. Kumu has a wealth of experience teaching others. Her devotion to perpetuating traditional Hawaiian culture takes Ehulani and her halau to numerous ceremonies, festivals and celebrations of Hawai'ian culture. Ehulani has trained and assisted with many Kahuna nui, in cleansings, clearings, and numerous types of blessing ceremonies, which lead her to be blessed formally by two Ali'i Kahuna Nui, as an Ali'i Kahuna Nui (High Priestess.) We are blessed by her connection with the Big Island and she will be guiding us at a sacred Lemurian vortex that she feels is calling for our attunement. A portion of all retreat finances go to the construction of Kumu's Hula school in Pahoa and we will visit her loving community.

Slip into the alohaworld of fertility tree medicine, volcanic dragon mothers, and mermaid midwifery for rebirthing the soul.

This Immersion is an opportunity to join Song of Sophia as a formal student for the next 2-Year Ceremonial Practitioner Training.

Have you been waiting for the next class of Song of Sophia to open for enrollment? Welcome beloved, it is time!

Anyone who is called to attune to Lemurian Medicine with Eliza and the Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature is invited to apply for this Immersion Seminar & Retreat.

However, for those who are exploring the possibility of long-term studies with Song of Sophia in the 2-Year Ceremonial Healing Practitioner Training, this could be your beginning!

Living Lemuria Immersion holds an Ohia Lehua Attunement on the Big Island which is a required course for graduation from Song of Sophia. This Immersion could officially begin your Ceremonial Training with Song of Sophia!

If you are desiring for a deeply Sophianic Shamanic immersion with trauma-trained specialists for integration along the way, you are in the right place.


Living Lemuria

Online Seminar & Initiation
Retreat in Hawaii on the Big Island

Enter the primordial otherworld of Living Light.

This offering is an initiation and connection to the Original Midwives within Sophianic Lineage of Lemuria, an attunement to Divine Nature as Medicine, and an embodied renewal for your soul.


embody the Plasmic Gateway to the divine mother through the 'egg of conception'


The ohia Lehua Tree of Hawaii is a sacred union portal for rebirthing humanity.


vOur Living School of Divine Nature is streaming with Songs of sun, mystery, geometry, and Heaven on Earth Creation codes.

The core teachings in Song of Sophia are rooted in Original Lemurian remembrance  embodiment. We hold a 'founding retrieval' of living light.

Shifting into the Original Lemurian Frequency is a simple fluidity, but also requires a devotion, courage, and attunement with light & sound through the primordial realm of earth herself.

This Lemurian Lineage Immersion is for those interested in living softly in their bodies.

It is a transformational healing experience by way of dreaming, mysticism, resting in the arms of the mother, plant medicine, innate body intelligence, and rebirthing innocence. You don't have to do anything to be loved, beloved.

Any womb who wants to remember and reclaim is invited.

Our Lemurian ancestry is living on the tip of your tongue with ever-flowing gifts waiting to be awakened, sung, and expressed.

By way of Kilauea crater, we meet the earthen womb and enter the hall of records.

By the time of integration, you’ll be working within an enlightened heart and evolutionary feminine embodiment of womb healing to express the light language of plant songs, your natural medicine gifts, and access an illuminating consciousness that continues to awaken innocent creations to flow through you.


Plant-Taught Teachings of Christos-Sophia

Enter the Song of Sophia Lineage of Teachings by way of our Lemurian Soul ancestry. It is bubbling on the tip of your tongue with ever-flowing gifts waiting to be awakened, sung, and expressed.

  • Online Seminar to Prepare for Reception of Oracular Mythos
  • Eliza’s Sacred Texts of Teachings
  • Initiation Retreat with land attunement and mystic embodiment practices
  • Education on Hawaiian Indigenous Rights and Honoring Practices
  • Heal Atlantian Karma

ʻōhiʻa lehua Attunement

Are you interested in attunement with a powerful Lemurian tree?

The“ōhi‘a lehua holds the seed of mystery that is always living between creation and destruction.

Through Eliza's yearly attunements with the tree, she experiences a cleansing medicine, rich folklore (mo‘olelo), secrets/hidden meaning (kaona), sacred union, and reverence for the powerful Pele. Ohia Lehua holds initiation of both birth and death as a sacred union.

‘ōhi“a lehua is the first seed to sprout after Pele’s lava flows. The medicine of the tree must be practiced wisely, with respect, and with permission. Ohia Lehua has a medicine that brings a deeper recognition of the divine path within pain on the earth realm.

They aren't found anywhere else in the world.

  • Herblore and Songlight from Eliza’s personal dietas with Ohia Lehua
  • Ohia Lehua Potion and Oil made by Eliza
  • Eliza holding and opening your Ohia Lehua Attunement starting at home before we merge with the medicine of the tree on the Big Island
  • Learn to Pray with the Plants in a profound way that inspires frequency coding, and sing the songs of Ohia Lehua

Healing & Activations

This Lemurian Lineage Immersion is for those interested in a transformational healing experience with magical turquoise waterlight, water, fire, and land prayers, alchemical sound training, lemurian power vortexes, fertility mythos, and plant medicine.

This is for the wild one in you who rolls around in nature, jumps naked into the ocean and howls at the moon. May the priestess, mother, midwife, healer, storyteller, and medicine mama all be inspired to join.

Any womb who wishes to remember and reclaim is invited.

  • Hula, Ritual, and Blessings with Kumu Ehulani
  • Mother Tongue Remembrance
  • Blood Song of the Land
  • Fertile Womb Blessing in the Valley of Kings
  • Returning Crystalline Codes to Sovereignty

Meals & Lodging

Lodging and meals will be included in the price of the retreat. However please note this exception: there will be a 2-3 days when we are out on day trips, and you purchase your own meal at a market or restaurant.

  • Meals are all organic and colorful with lots of plant-based proteins and fresh fish.
  • Lodging is included. We will all be staying together at a beautiful community in the Pahoa area.
  • There are various options for lodging from private room and bathroom to a communal semi-private loft living.

Everything we do in Song of Sophia is reflected into the greater Collective Consciousness and Lived Human Experience. We are a school of Christos Sophia, of animism and of mother's wisdom. The certain light of our frequency emits a softening and exposure felt around the world. We are the quiet webweavers who witness our prayers activate integral and transformative change in realtime through simple being. Our loving grid reflects in sovereignty for all of humanity.


Living Lemuria Immersion is not just another climatic spiritual experience. We are a 'salt of the earth' lineage, keeping a special recipe that has been integrating magic and mundane since time immortalle. In these 2-months, we are slow-churning honey into a realization that flows throughout your holistic system - seen and unseen.


We are taking as much time as we need to defrost the frozen nerve damage of a frenzied generation past, and this compassionate caretaking will directly influence your way in the world. There is an actualization to behold here of a higher hivemind rooted into your body as a living prayer for the world within you and around you.






When you submit your application for the Living Lemuria Immersion, Eliza will respond to schedule a call and discuss your transformational journey potential. During the retreat, you will receive personal icaro and healing from Eliza. Anytime after the retreat for up to 2 months, you can make a complimentary integration call with Eliza to discuss the medicine settling in your lifestyle, and receive energetic healing and song to further seal and protect the magic.


NOV 6 | Opening to Song of Sophia Attunement
NOV 13 | Entrainment Call # 1 with Eliza
NOV 20 | Entrainment Call # 2 with Eliza
DEC 18 | Integration of the Activation Call


The Living Lemuria Retreat is a requirement for all students of Song of Sophia’s Practitioner Certification track. If you complete this Immersion, you will have completed this class as credit for your Ceremonial Healing Practitioner graduation requirement.

If you do not choose to embark on this journey, you will need to wait for the next Hawaii Immersion until you can be considered for graduation.


The rainbow of humans that journey within and surround Song of Sophia are all incredible changemakers, impact-oriented soul family who are longing to create within the Grail Lineage of Love and provide profound healing transformation for each walk of life. They are maidens, mothers, midwives, beloveds, children and crones. We walk as the rose spirals. Our many hats include priestesses, herbalists, dieteras, medicine carriers, songweavers, reiki practitioners, light language weavers, massage therapists, pelvic specialists, doulas, nurses, therapists, deathkeepers, tantrikas, land protectors, and activists.

Transformational Stories

“It was so deep, so nourishing, and exciting.”

I could sense some deep source of knowing emanating from Eliza when she spoke of Lemuria. When we sat in ceremony the first night, I was taken there. I was scared to go in but Eliza cleared the way. Once I was there, it was very familiar. And so deep. And so nourishing, and exciting. And it was clearly a "place." Eliza was there, and she was a giant earth being, like a snake, a dragon, an octopus, but also none of these. And the next day I was really totally amazed by this, like, this is REAL. This is actually a PLACE. And I do remember it in the waking state, right here and now -- it is no longer only a myth. It is very incredibly still and dynamic at the same time. It was like worshiping in a temple of light and sound all the time, with no effort. I'd like to go back!

Michelle Tupko, Tantric Kundalini

“Experiencing Eliza’s Hawaiian Lemurian Activation and retreat in Hawaii was life-altering.”

I could sense some deep source of knowing emanating from I experienced a re-wildling of my womb, and a return to my primordial self. I journeyed with unearthing triggers that had been hiding in my blind spots. The medicine here illuminated how these triggers were attached to my core wounding, and the harm that was caused by them. For the first time, the deeply hidden and shamed aspects of rage, grief, victimhood, and tender vulnerability were given the space to be experienced fully which opened up my channel, and reminded me of how to die and be reborn. In my integration, the sparkling light of Lemuria brought me back to a more resourced and gathered self.

Emma Luna, Rose Gold Rebirth

Watch Carrie’s Retreat Testimonial Video

Next Living Lemuria Immersion in 2024

Watch a HAWAII RETREAT Video made by a participant


  • Educational Online Seminar
  • Initiation Retreat
  • Ohia Lehua Attunement & Medicines
  • 6 nights accommodation in Hawaii
  • Carpool; transportation during the retreat
  • Organic Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with lots of veggies, fruit, grains, and fish (exception of a possible few meals out)

FOR YOU TO cover:

  • Travel to and from Hilo International Airport including your flights or lodging before and after the retreat starts
  • Activity supplies like reef-safe sunscreen, umbrella, snorkeling gear
  • 2-3 Meals while you are on day trips from the retreat center
  • Your personal snacks, drinks, etc
  • Any special food requirements that you need for allergies or severe preferences


Our staff will carpool all retreat participants to and from the Airport. On Dec 3, we will pick you up and on Dec 10, we will drop you off at the Hilo International Airport on Hawaii Island (unless you have made other personal arrangements). Exact timing will be communicated with registration. You do not need a car while at the retreat; but if you stay on island before or after, you will need a car as there is not easy access to public transportation or ride sharing.


We immerse in the flora and fauna to help us integrate the energies of our shadow. Nature is our best support system as we navigate our healing. Therefore, we are staying at a comfortable eco-retreat center that is rooted in a beautiful spiritual community. There is very limited wifi and phone service (and for several days during the attunement, we do no permit phones). Shower length needs to be respectful as it is collected rainwater. Non-toxic and organic toiletries are required, and laundry is not always available (depending on the solar power.) It is a magical remembrance itself to be immersed into the jungle with the sounds, smells, and creatures! This means when we are at the retreat center, you'll mostly be ‘off the grid’.


All retreat participants are required to have their own travel insurance to ensure the financial investment in their own trip including cost of the retreat and living expenses, travel, lodging required before and after the retreat. All payments made to Song of Sophia for the retreat are non-refundable and non-transferable - no exceptions. In case of an unexpected issue or pandemic related travel ban occurring during the retreat, a credit to attend the retreat during a rescheduled date will be issued. Any guest cancellation because of sickness or showing a positive PCR test cannot be refunded fully. due to the small and initmate nature of our gatherings. Be sure to get insurance for your own costs to be covered.

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