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Living Lineage

Revitalizing the living lineage of

womb-wise plant song

Song of Sophia is a presence process, intuitive recognition, playful exploration, and viscerally lived experience. This means we are always listening so we can continually adapt to the shifting rhythms of the Earth pulse. The School birthed into existence by embodiment practices of the ever-evolving qualities of mother as nature; Human divinity, and Entheogenic frequency.

This school is the ‘book’ you all asked for from Eliza.

the immortelles

From our deepest well, we are crafted by synergies of nature and gnosis.

Within us are primordial midwifes in ancestory of the Sophianic Grail. We are interested in listening, in what is emerging by way of relationships with the plants, and remembered practices from the ancient great Mother Mythos. We weave immaculate conception with Christos Sophia as Elven, Fae, Druidic and Elemental Magic of the Land. We are the Elders of Starlight and Mothers of Sound heralding as Oraphim, the reindeer hedgewitches, the Rose Lineage, Brigidine Sisters, Magdalene Midwives, Sexual Healers of the Womb; and Mermaid Lemurian consciousness from before the Fall. We work with our song as medicine, herbs, trees, elementals, animals, harmony, and living prayer. Our ways of valuing the in-between stem from our DNA and the timeless alchemical teachings of 'Heaven on Earth' that is innate human physiology.

The storylines of The Star Origins, The Northern Poles, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Sumeria, Avalon & Celtic Isles, Cathar regions, Ancient Greece & Rome, Mexico, and the Amazon are all playing a significant role in the virtues and evolution of Song of Sophia. The most important aspect is that lineage is alive; ebbing and flowing as the timelines wax and wane. We illustrate mostly from the old, old path of primordial womb shamanism yet include mysteries of future conception, the deep oceans, the holy spirit of inner realms, and indigenous teachings from Peru and Hawaii that have been granted to Eliza by her soul remembrance and specific permission of elders.

In this moment, Eliza sends blessings and grateful acknowledgement to all of the teachers and friends who walk with her. Everyone on her path has helped to bring the school to light in various ways.

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Keepers of the wild rose, sunlight reflected on the water, the song of nature, and ancestral rites of the midwife as deermother, whalemother, and rosemother: family-led sacred union.

What our students say:


"O King of the starry sky,

Lest Thou from me withdraw Thy Light -*-

Whether my house be dark of bright,

My door shall close on none tonight"


Our school comes together from diverse backgrounds with both visible and unseen qualities of struggle, adversity, and advantage. The hearts connected to Song of Sophia including students, teachers, alumni, and school associates are all committed to valuing and trusting the emergent and wild nature of ancestry and self expression within the community. We value resurrecting the connection between land and DNA. We acknowledge the pre-colonial caretakers of the land, and ask for guidance where it is appropriate. Although we are mostly sharing a common heritage of Celtic Druidic qualities across Northern regions of our planet, we are interested and invite any heritages who value the ancestral wisdom we share and teach.  May we grow increasingly compassionate in our approach to deconstructing racial hierarchies and oppression while also grieving the effects of a technological age of colonialism. All qualified beings with sincere interest in the school will be received with dignity and opportunities for their unique way of presenting and identifying in the world at the best of our ability. We respect all spirits, ages, genders, ethnicities, veteran or immigration statuses, religions, and bodies.

We value you innately as your birthright, and make space for your individual blossoming. Cheers to intelligence, intuition, creativity, stillness, and wisdom.

Please see about the Scholarship Applications on the Prospective Student Page, available for those experiencing social, economic, and ethnic marginalization.

It is our honor to be with you.

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Eliza Ma'ora 
is the Matriarch of Song of Sophia.

Primordial Midwife of Immaculate Conception

Rosemother of the Deer & Whale

Devoted to the Plants as Teacher; the Fae as Ancestor; the Elements as DNA;

and the Womb as Oracle

Eliza is here for the emergence of living prayer.

As a matriarch of Sophianic lineage, she is known as an 'elder returned', and an oracle of conception, descent, and resurrection within the Primordial Grail and returning Lineages of Love. Eliza carries the sword of innocence with grounded knowing, an abundant fertility, and great skill of song & plant medicines.

Eliza practices many forms of medicine including recordkeeping; telepathy; geomancy; writing; singing; birthwork and deathwork; dreamweaving; lightbody weaving; soul retrieval; ceremonial herbalism; somatic therapy; hands-on bodywork; and trauma recovery.

She offers from her sanctuary called Mermaid Temple of the Womb near Boulder CO. She shares a plant-taught medicine apothecary with her husband.

Wedding in the woods

When asking her husband Patrick what Eliza’s special attributes are he responds with how she remembers her birth. Eliza’s experiences with womb consciousness and portalkeeping start within her memories of the womb, and solidify through her birth experience and adoption. She never fully passed through the veil of forgetting, and has been fostering a conscious relationship with Spirit since early days.

Her 'dark night of the soul' started early in life, and through childhood and late adolescence, Eliza experienced the pain of the Earth experience as a sensitive ancient being. She integrated shadow, death, rebirth, depression, anxiety, self-harm, pharmaceuticals, and clinical therapy within innate intuition and womb consciousness when the mainstream approaches did not serve her. Eliza’s ability to midwife the sicknesses of modern society is a form of healing without fixing, and a trust of nature-lead creation. Inanna Rakma.

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SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner)

MA (Masters of Arts)

At Cornell College, Eliza studied music while graduating with an Ethnic Studies and Spanish degree focused on realismo mágico; surrealism myths of the inbetween world. She developed her devotion to justice and allegiance to the greater population through anti-racism studies, integrated feminism, and educational policy and psychology. She went further on to serve higher imagination as a medicinal remedy for globalized colonialism. She graduated University of Denver with a MA in International Development focusing on Indigenous Rights, Immigrant Rights, and Sustainability. She was two years into a thesis within Anthropology of Consciousness on Ayahuasca Phenomenological Healing before the plants asked her to leave academics, and return to the land in full-time devotion.

Cherished Acknowledgements

Eliza has dedication to integrative entheogenic experiences for 22 years beginning with her beloved mushroom kin. Her most notable plant relationships are with Noya Rao, Wild Rose, Pulsatilla, Rosemary, Yarrow, Vervain, Mugwort, Tulsi, Bobinsana, Lilikoi, ‘Ohi’a Lehua, Pine, Aspen, Tobacco, the Ogham Tree Grove; and many more magical beings. Many thanks to the nurturance of dieta, and special Shipibo-Conibo practitioners with recognition to Maestro Miguel for opening her first diet, and, Juanita, Carolina & Pedro for such sacred introduction to Noya Rao.

Eliza gives thanks to her teachers as she shares her various certifications and training. Whapio and The Matrona as a Certified Holistic Doula and Certified Postpartum Doula in addition to six years of Midwifery Studies; Suren Shrestha as a graduate of Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School; Harold Dull with certification in Watsu; a Womb Awakening graduate of the Institute of Feminine Arts; the loving guidance of Dr. Azra & Seren Bertrand; Dr. Karen Fox as a Psychic Development mentor; Spagyric Alchemy at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism Ashland Campus; Bardic Arts Coaching with Marya Stark; and private Ayurvedic panchakarma(s) with Valerie Goulding & Tona Leiseth and their mentorship.

Her more recent studies have been focused on midwifery with associated offerings of various somatic and body practitioners such as the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. Eliza completed her Somatic Experiencing degree from 2021 - 2024. and is an official SEP.

In March 2019, Kahuna Kalei’iliahi invited Eliza to share as much of her “pure innocence healing” for the returning Hawaiian Lemurian lines as she can. Perhaps you can join Eliza in Hawaii sometime.