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Love Bombing


Written by Seven Sister DaZzalina RaYdiaance 

Art by Meagan Boyd



Recently, I’ve been musing on the behavior known as “love bombing”.


Love bombing most often comes from the wounded parts of ourselves, trying to cling or hold on to something – perhaps in fear of not being loved, or fear of being abandoned. 


However, what I’ve been tracking is the love bombing that comes from both the tenderness of a wound and a place of manipulation. 


Usually the manipulation is to ensure one doesn’t “lose” such as lose a person, lose their pride, lose their status, or walk away from any situation alone or as the “loser”.  


These fears are so prevalent that they are frequently manifested as a reality. 


How love bombing shows up can come across as innocent, supportive, friendly, and loving. This is often why love bombing is often not recognized as abuse. 


Usually we can tell something is off; however, the manipulation in the love bombing conceals the predatory energy that is leading the behavior. 


The predator or abuser / manipulator will repeatedly utilize love bombing after a loss such as fight, disagreement or separation —> when they feel a beloved’s energy pulling away. 


In order to secure the attachment, status, or relationship, the person will turn predatory with an extreme overtness of praise, verbal compliments, words of affirmation, gifts or other ways of showing special treatment and excessive attention towards the person, community, or group of interest.  They will come across as supportive, wonderful, loving and sensational beings – but the energy is OFF!


The love bombing can be confusing but don’t disregard that “off” feeling. 


The off feeling is your energy being manipulated and siphoned. Call your power back, and see the dynamics for the predatory engagement that the love bombing is trying to conceal.