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Magdalene Midwifery at the Crucifixion

The darkest winter of her existence was also the most illuminated. She walked with her beloved to the cross that would bare his body.

She did not abandon her creation.

She did not stumble when he planned for his death. She stayed connected as the Holy Divine Feminine of Christ. His light was her wisdom rooting down into the Earth, the oils, and botanicals.

Heaven as his halo anchored to the rebirth in every moment.

And they leaned into the mystery, that her love and his light were enough to raise him from the dead.

A trust in union of earth and sky as miracle beloved; her blood and his body as the wine and holy bread.

It was her devotion and his truth who birthed an evolutionary teaching of innocence unto the rose petal path.

The timelines of crucifixion hold a portal to truth through the eyes of Magdalene.

As her beloved is hung on a cross, she is offered freedom from suffering through knowing that the only true power comes from within.

It is She, her mysterious living love, who performed the miracle of Resurrection in the cave, (in the womb).

Three days after he died, He rose, and so did she. 🌹

Our trust in one another is the powerful love to reverse the curse of crucifixion. Not even his greatness needs to be sacrificed for the love of all beings.

She knew this because she knows life.  Through her womb, she was child, maiden, lover, mother, midwife, and crone.

Her womb holds the everlasting bounty, and his light is worthiness of life for all of creation.

The divinity that conceived and birthed us all knows each and every one of us is always and forever saved.

The love of Christos Sophia is the power that reverses death and releases sacrifices of innocence. Easter is the power of love that removes curses of crucifixion. Everyone will rise from this crown of thorns.

Your trust in such a love sets your soul free without sacrifice, and only offering to be returned unto you. ✨🐣🕊🐰


Words by Eliza

Art by Annie Henri Nader