Song of Sophia Living school of Divine Nature logo

May Divine Mother give blessing

to the house that is here


all four corners and hearth

both threshold and flame


on holy ground

our ancestors sing


We are delighted by the mystery of it all


Our ears are open just as our hearts. We listen.

Inside every human, there is an ancient seed of innocencE birthed from union of cosmos and earth.

A spirit with potential and possibility. A spark veiled in darkness, forbidden and simultaneously amused by everlasting imagination


We are courting something very powerful that wants to happen in the sacred union of nature, of light and sound.

A flame of gold with a dreamed center of life

Sophia wants to happen. She longs to dream us alive.

and Together with her, we fortify in the diamond white.


This is the timeless hearth of magic rebirthing within the wombs that weave Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature.


Our school does not hold a reductionist model.

When we rush or try to figure out what is going to happen, we are doing ourselves a disservice.


Our self-liberation is informed through the visceral embodied experience, the continually lived practice and sensations of living. When we try to prove or justify the properties, the why or why not, we silence the medicine of her. Within the ‘divine pressure cooker’ of slow devotion, the masks begin to fall away.


We let the movement arise from the pause, the inclusion, the rebel. We let Sophia move us. Our body is being breathed. We are listening, still, and acting only when the impulse sparks with passion, with sensuality, with integrity, and with trust in the perpetual innocence of each moment.


May innocence of the holy feminine essence grace the etheric halls of our school, and may all beings feel the deep invitation of acceptance, accountability, and synarchy bestowed to them.


We play, we provoke curiosity, and we blossom as creation within the natural rhythms of death and life. Internal alchemy only awaits our recognition; and as we open our beauty eye, we observe how Sophia can show up in any form.


We choose to align ourselves to liberation as ancestral healing and as activism through outreach in our extended community. We are available to those who are truly interested in what we offer, and there are scholarships available for low resource or marginalized individuals.


Integration is honoring that fertility is abundance of form.

It is the constant tone around the wheel as it turns. It is the motivation and totality of our quest in the same breath; the pure enjoyment of the wholeness unattached to the outcome. We honor the self-organizing movement within Sophia.


Just as we are humble to receive, we are humble in our willpower too. By both the dynamism and stillness, entrained by the song in-between, attuned to plant wisdom, and trusting exactly how divinity shows up - we undo. We undo. We belong, and with reverence. We call for intimacy and we know that you are capable... for this is what Sophia does, and this is what nature lives by in expression of the family.