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Medicine Reflection from Cherstaria

This post is a reflection from Cherstaria, a Song of Sophia School Certified Healing Practitioner who has devoted to another cycle with the school in service of the lineage.  Cherstar is a bright light with an angelic voice and her oracle delights us all!





I opened the package and touched the first bundle that became apparent to me. I slowly unwrapped the protective outer covering and then the bright sunny yellow tissue paper. 


Unspiraling the paper revealed the first potion: lus Bhrid, the Attunement potion for Pillar 2, Reciprocity.


I know this because I have done this before. This is my second round in the Song of Sophia School. My second song.


This year, I devoted my studies to service, and Bhrid appeared first, in support.  She and I have a history together- of weaving in and out of wild and domesticated places. Cultivating and receiving the Holy Light both within the church and outside of its confines. 


As a culmination of my studies in the first round of Song of Sophia, the first circle, I was fortunate to pilgrimage with the sisterhood to Brigid’s land in Kildare, Ireland. There, I received so much.


Layers upon layers of parochial and patriarchal religious programming shed as She reminded me what it was like to have that light unleashed within my body, no longer controlled. Tears welled up and poured down into her waters as I leaned over her well nestled at the back of a little road near the town of Kildare.


It was at this well, visited by so many in times of grief and hope, sadness and joy, that I offered each tear as a prayer to all that has been lost but also to all that never could be taken. Children approached, coaching each other on how to best toss their coins in her waters, seemingly undisturbed by the crying lady perched on the edge. They were full of the innocence it takes to reclaim such pure birthright.


I let the tears run, washing all the ways we had to hide our light to keep ourselves safe, all the ways the light has been hijacked, dripping like shooting stars into her pool.


Afterward, I rose and walked to her statue across the stream which poured from her well. I anointed her womb and her heart and her third eye, her cerebellum and her sacral chalice. I did the same for me and leaned upon her image, not really knowing exactly what was happening at that moment, simply that something very important was being transformed, and the tears welled up again.


Later, I would lay upon the land where she walked and when I did so, my body writhed like a snake in the grass, shedding and unwinding the tightness that no longer fit, alchemizing it into pleasure.

It’s been about 8 months since then.


My light body continues to unwind, however, I got sick recently, or rather, a deeply rooted sickness became apparent. The illness of war that I’m still shedding has caused new casualties, ones that are still so tender I can’t really bear to speak of. I find myself here and now amidst ruins of control, of fear of freedom, and of a doctrine from a false story, one that’s not really me at the heart. And I grieve all that I have lost. Yet I lay hold of what could never be taken.


I’m beginning the school again, in the grace of my truest sisters, opening my mouth to sing another song. To sing the new and ancient song of self. I’m arriving here at Pillar One in order to know myself and serve the lineage which I love and which has loved me in every way that I have shown up, both pretty and definitely not pretty at all. 


I start here at Pillar One, To Know Thyself, and Brigid is already here from the future and the past to support me in my devotion and intention to serve without harm and in sacred reciprocity.


I start again in the new round as the seeds planted from the first song continue to crack open and grow. In Song of Sophia, we are taught to meet the Divine Spark of the moment, to merge with it and let it lead. I opened my box in this spirit and Brigid came out. 


She guided me to open the potion, sing into it and pour a dropperful over my head in anointing, giving me back again what I gave to her in Kildare and what she has surely given me before, and I her, and round and round in the sacred song we have probably always sung together- in reciprocity- and my womb and body responded with the medicine of the moment- a re-activation and continuation of the Kildare pulsing light body of the triple goddess with the clear scent of rosemary, the fortification of dandelion and the love of oatstraw.


I sang our lineage song “Brigid Beloved” in gratitude that she is willing to meet me wherever I am, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, and beyond the bounds of life and death, time and space. She is my Bride.