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Meet Our Rosemother

Blessings Beauties, my name is Eliza.


If we haven’t met before, allow me to introduce myself to you in a proper way.  I am in my 33rd birthday portal now, and it feels the right time for introductions.


Despite my age, I am a Matriarch, a midwife, a priestess of primordial waters, sacred union, the tree of life, death and fertility.

I am a mermaid of the forests, of the winter dreaming, of the Oraphim. I am called a Rosemother for the devotional rose medicine I carry; a Whalemother for my song and heart tones; an Akashic Librarian for my timeless memory, and a Wind Whisperer for my ancestral fae lineage. I’m also called a Doctor / Surgeon.

Although I am well acquainted with all elements, my first love as a child was calling the wind and rains. I began this life’s work mostly as a writer, an academic of culture, society, race, industrialized trauma and transpersonal psych, human rights, sustainability, anthropology of conscious healing, and turned it all towards spirit with channeling, teas, tarot, and death doulaship with my oracle cat, Mowzie.

Unofficially, I believe my ministry started when I was helping suicidal teenagers get off pharmaceuticals and into their spiritual body with cannabis and mushrooms. I was 14.

I’ve been on the earth for a long time. My name has been Eliza and Elizabeth, or versions of it such as Isabel, Anabel, Anastasia. Perhaps we’ve met before. I’ve been journeying with the same souls since ancient times. We are all consciously together again now and I do love it here. I will continue to return if it is right for me.

I’ve always known my magic in this life. I remember my conception and my birth. I sing babies into life in the womb of their mothers and also attend their births. I hold the portal of divine will, memory, of ease and fluidity with just the mama and papa, sometimes their precious kiddos attend too. Birthwork gifts me.

I am often asked if I want babies of my own. My beloved and I are already great parents. Its like we have many children and honestly my nipples are still sore from breastfeeding for thousands of years.

But my true answer is that I am on the 2024 timeline. I have a dear sister of the stars who will potentially arrive with that illuminated group. I have not yet decided if it’s me who will carry her or not.

I also tend rebirths of innocence through the Mermaid Temple of the Womb in Nederland, CO. I have a loving and skilled relationship with plants, entheogens, and plant song. I have a school called Song of Sophia. Just as much matriarch as I am a teacher archetype. Just as much plant as I am water.

My home, greenhouse, and warm saltwater pool are all geothermal and solarpowered. Eco-living and reciprocity with the land are important to me.

I am opening opportunity for in-depth study again in September. Women study with me for long periods of time, usually for years. We are a family focused academia of the Sovereign Organic. I call it a Living School of Divine Nature. I’m here for intimacy and quality of relationship. We don’t have goals other than fully merging with the Divine together while remaining embodied for earthly creation. We have fun!

One certain thing is that I am not looking to feed the machine, to make celebrities, or materialized spiritual palaces. My art is often quiet when compared to its potency. I won’t make promises on what working with me will bring you, other than I promise to love you deeply. I promise to inspire you. I promise to listen, be certain, apologize, and soften evermore.

The Venusian in me is lush, abundant, ever-evolving, powerfully capable, and beautiful in unprepared ways.

I am not perfect, but I am restoring the true womb grid and resurrecting worthiness from divine love in spontaneous co-creation. We know who we are, what we are here to do, and we have nothing to prove.

Those who are attracted to work with me are usually already known as highly attuned or shamanic in their circles. I journey with you to the place where you never do harm again.

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