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Self-Directed Course:

Menstruation and Womb Shamanism

Menstruation and Womb Shamanism

Educational SEMINAR for Sophianic lifestyle and ceremonial magic

Menstruation Intensive Course

4 hours

Welcome to the Wild World of the Womb;

sacred, precious, holy, and true.

This is 4-Hours of Shamanic Teaching for menstruation as a living prayer, health practice, ceremony, and sacred lifestyle. Eliza shares her wisdom experiences after leading hundreds of wombs through healing ceremony.  She guides through ceremonial honoring on how to embody your moon cycle, and move through shadows of menstrual pain, resentment, and doubt of your body. These understandings open you up to the mysterious moon blood portal of possibilities, ancestral healing corridors, and sweetness of shedding within the living womb.


Participants say that Eliza’s menstruation transmissions bring them to Inanna Ishtar, and the times of Red Tent when they would have ecstatic bleeding experiences while visioning for the health of their loved ones.

The experience of menstruation is all from a sophianic and shamanic lineage perspective.

I firmly believe that the magic of ancient feminine shamanism should not be a mystery. I vow to share this wisdom effortlessly to any soul seeking it. It belongs to you! Therefore this course is at a lower, more accessible price.

you'll want to bring:

- Cozy nest for journey, quiet, tea, slippers

- Perhaps your moon blood calendar / fertility tracker

- Your menstrual blood

- Journal and pen

The Womb is a physiological portal to the Divine.
It is where all life rebirths and shifts into form.

Menstruation Inspirational Course

After healing my own dangerously painful bleeding cycle, I have lead hundreds of unique wombs and their families into a healthier, honored, ecstatic menstruation cycle. Menstruation can be all the things which can simply feel overwhelming to a body that doesn't yet understand the ancestral wisdom encoded in their shedding blood. Menstruation is meant to be like winter - a time to be cozy, warming by the fire, creating introspectively, and experiencing dream-like visions to support your life and your community.


As there is so much valuable and ancient information missing about how to be with your menstruation and blood, I was inspired to share a seminar that contained my own personal womb-wise approaches to menstruation for a shamanic lifestyle.


Also, please don’t let the word 'shamanic' scare you as too advanced or 'out there.' While I do share great teachings our of mystic embodiment, I intend to make feminine health simple, easy to understand, and approachable across the spiritual spectrum. After all, circles of bleeding women were the first shamans.


I will also weave bio-relevance into the seminar. Such as the scientifically known fact that the womb is a portal to the divine. We all know that little beings are created from nothing but the love in our cells, right inside this very holy womb of a feminine body.


In this seminar, we welcome these holy weavings forward into the cauldron with focus to bridge on a deeper understanding that touches us all uniquely and perfectly in our own way. I will share about Song of Sophia ritual, physiology, science, energy, vibration, and other valuable information in what I have come to know through years of devotion to shamanic womb experiences.


These practices have lead me from sexual trauma at my conception to painful womb trauma of adolescence, and out-of-touch sexual support systems to a feminine life of curiosity, spaciousness, clarity, creativity, healing, and much pleasure in regards to my menstrual cycle, sexual body, sensuality, the wonders of the womb, and how my husband respects and supports my process.


The energetic medicine in this seminar is some of my very favorite to share with the world. I want you to invite your partner and children to join so you all can learn together how to support the bleeding womb, open to the divine feminine rhythms curated with earth connection, and have a womb-directed, family-led household. There will be some teachings of a sexual nature so please take that into account.

in this course, you'll learn how to:

🩸 Embrace your blood
🩸 Connect between plants & blood
🩸 Move from Bleeding in Pain to Bleeding in Pleasure
🩸Get your channel as clear and open-flowing as possible
🩸 Explore Womb Health, Yoni Health, Fertility Cycles, and Moon Rituals
🩸 Have profound visionary experiences that support your way in the world

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Enjoy 🙂