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Mirror Effect


As initiates into the unknown have long regarded, to “know thyself” is an essential key of wisdom. It is a journey intrinsic to our biology and our spirit. It is something we don’t necessarily try to do but rather what occurs when living in reciprocity with the natural world.


I’ve become an educator, advocate, and devotee for knowing thyself. I think of it as refining presence in a lived experience.


I enjoy taking up space in my own sensuality, animal body, emotional expression, words, and soulsong. It is an ever-evolving practice of balance between heaven and earth. Which is why I mentioned refinement.


I’ve noticed with devotion of knowing thyself that the “mirror effect” becomes more apparent.


The mirror effect can often be misunderstood. I don’t believe it is always occuring or that it is spiritual law, but it is absolutely a phenomenon.


There are many versions of a mirror effect. What I’ve been tracking lately coincides between those who want to know themselves better but have untouchable pain AND those who are rather transparent in their painbodies and lightbodies.


To be transparent in both a painbody and lightbody is a human experience of one who knows themselves.


However the spiritual conditioning from wounded patriarchy suggests the individual who knows themselves is enlightened in a way that doesn’t experience a painbody. It suggests enlightenment as some version of painless ascension.


The divine feminine knows this will not occur on the Earth. She knows we are both painbody and lightbody, and it is inorganic to not have a painbody experience while here.


In Sophianic lifestyle, to know thyself is to know both the painbody and lightbody so well that they are an integrating as lived experience. We are not chasing one or the other; we are transparent with both. In reciprocity with both heaven and earth.


In the mirror effect, those who know themselves through a Sophianic wisdom can often experience themselves as a mirror for those who project wounded cosmic consciousness on the earth experience. Or those who are in conditioning to worship a patriarchal crown chakra system; reaching for something above themselves.


To become a mirror is to be so transparent in the ways you know yourself that when another is in relation with you, they cannot see you; but rather, they see their own deeper or hidden aspects, and think these aspects are you.


Someone can think you’re sad when you’re not, mad when you’re okay, tired when you are energized. Oftentimes it is their pain that they see in you. It is a safe way to see it.


The power of the transparency often relates to where the mirror knows themselves in the depths. However far a mirror has traveled into their personal underworld can be a similar depth of the unseen that a person experiences when looking at the mirror.


This can make mirrors scary individuals. It can make us feared, misunderstood, and people can also put us on pedestals or project guru dynamics when it’s the last thing we want.


These projections can be incredibly disorienting when we don’t realize what’s happening.


Be sure to kick down the pedestals. Make yourself human again. Be the active force in unplugging the artificial light.


In simple terms, I often have a prayer to make myself less intimidating to the inorganic. I consciously arrange my mirror to be more relatable when it is appropriate. I shapeshift.


Other times I just let it be, and trust the process.


All of this is intuitive. But incredibly CONSCIOUS. I have an active prayer to be aware of when it is occuring.


And I’ve found that it is incredibly important to be friends with other mirrors. We can relax, relate, and just be ourselves then.


Sending love   ♥️    Eliza