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My Womb is a Wayshower

Photo by Emma Violet


Many mornings I wake up feeling the call from my womb. In a way, I made a promise before this life. The promise doesn’t hold me captive, but it does keep me connected. 


I’m not driven to complete this promise. It is not contracted. It is open and flowing as a fountain.


As I feel this calling, I feel the souls waiting for me. Some are waiting more deeply, more ready than others. I feel you, and I do feel how time is now. 


So I’m in the process of making the path clearer between us. There is much fertility to be shared. 


However I admit I have closed energy to many in my womb before. The temperance of my flow is an intelligence. I am always listening to what I am meant to inform and what I am NOT meant to inform. 


The ‘angel of discernment’ is not a card I actively chose to play. Sometimes I wish my womb could feel more free in her creations. 


But as I root deeper into my true embodiment, the angel of discernment just becomes stronger. This angel reflects through womb power. I notice where she orients, other people feel safe to move in that direction. I am careful with what I support and where I orient because my womb is a wayshower. 


I feel the effects immediately if I accidentally lead people to the machine. So I go slow to make sure I do not support artificial power dynamics of the old paradigm. This has been a great teacher. And I trust it. 


Although it can make me seem like a bitch, there is A LOT of energy on this planet I am simply not here to engage or generate. 


And life responds to this for me. Supporting beyond and giving way to a future of peace for more than just me. I sense the unseen forces within who guide deeper into the divine flame now. 

And hence, I am in another deep listening for the structure of the upcoming offerings in Song of Sophia School. 


I am in process of reclaiming all the creative potential, and witnessing as God designs in the best possible way. 


Life is way too precious to work it any other way.  Life is way too precious.


I cannot imagine creating a structure without God leading every little bit of it. Do you feel the sacredness of life? How precious is it for us all to be here together? 


Not all of us CHOSE to incarnate.


I meet many diverse paths of incarnation. And this understanding is on the front of my heart. I serve the liberation of conception first. I serve the waters.




Love, Eliza