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Navigating The Tides

Navigating The Tides
By DaZzalina RaYdiaance with additions from Eliza

As I am riding the waves in this most recent current, I’ve come to recognize the simplicity of fear and love, dark and light, shadow and highest self.

It’s funny how the game of life can seem to be so complicated; yet with a few deep understandings, can also be quite simple.

For me it’s about letting go, surrendering, trusting what is…

However, in the face of chaos, our trauma and fear are easily triggered by a realm of endless madness. This comes in from both inner and outer sources, and “surrendering”, or letting things be as they do not seem anywhere NEAR obtainable.

Amidst the chaos, it is far too easy, basically automatic, to REACT from my many traumatic experiences.

These triggers run deep in my subconscious, the well of my emotions. They are deep in my blood, my breath, and held within each cell of my being, rooted throughout all of my lineages.

So of course, it is only natural to react.
Some might even say it is primal in our fight for survival.

We have to be tender in these times, and hold ourselves when the old programmed narrative of “it’s my fault” wants to take hold.

What these occurrences teach me is a deeper understanding of self-realization. When I am clear on who I am, the stronger I can stand in my truth – and consequently, the more of a target 🎯 I can become to beings who are suffering, unwell or deeply unhappy.

As I was recently navigating these murky waters, it was a game of me bobbing back and forth through standing tall in my truth and ebbing into victim mode. When I am in the victim
mode, I take the suffering of another personally when it doesn’t have anything to do with me.

As a super-sensitive clairsentient empath, I used to unconsciously take on everyone else’s problems and take their behaviors personally. I had to learn how to rise through these assumptions and projections.

The arrow will continue to be pointed at me when I am the most well-healed in a room. I know that it has very little to do with me. So I shoot back more of a Care Bear Stare or rainbow light arrow of radiant energy. I filled my arrow with so much unconditional love that I feel the reverberations within my own being as well. I heal any place in me that is sensitive to their judgments about me.

I’m excited to continue this practice in moments like these because I am certain I have the opportunity to become sturdy in my ability to hold this space of love when the ferocious waves peak.


Featured Art and Blog Art by: Verena Wild