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"Resurrecting" an Oracular Account from Eliza regarding birhting the wisdom within Song of Sophia studies (2019)


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Please join Eliza on Youtube at 4pm Mountain on sunday october 15.


Womb eye is an oracular series with eliza that practices womb shamanism in realtime. it is held live on youtube.

Watch the Recording of this Seminar on YouTube

Integration Seminar

4-Day Shamanic Womb Retreat returning 2025

Merry Mushwomb

Eliza's Online Offering for 2023

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applications are closed at this time

The next Living Lemuria Immersion is February 2025.

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Self-Directed Courses

Song of Sophia's self-directed courses are intensive seminars with advanced teachings that you can explore at your own pace, in your own time. We have several course offerings available for immediate self-study.


Eliza and the Seven Sisters have intention to record their living prayers and share their  meditations, plant songs, sisterhood songs, and blood songs.





Womb-wise, plant-taught medicine

Welcome to Eliza & Patrick’s Plant-Taught Apothecary! Here you will find all organic shamanic medicines, mostly homegrown at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb, along with wildcrafted herbs from the Rocky Mountains, and other lands that they visit for honoring and stewardship.

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A collection of our writings, poetry, channelings, recipes and crafts!

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Eliza’s Personal Sessions

Here you can connect directly with Eliza for a personal, private session. Meet either online or at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb.


For each enrollment to the school, a portion is donated to Earth Stewardship and Indigenous Medicine Work. If you feel called, please donate to our scholarship fund which helps to support marginalized individuals to access our offerings if they are so called.