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A collection of our writings, poetry, channelings, recipes and crafts!

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Eliza and the Seven Sisters have intention to record their living prayers and share their  meditations, plant songs, sisterhood songs, and blood songs.





Rise & Shine, Love! Plant Spirit Apothecary

Welcome to Eliza & Patrick’s Plant-Taught Apothecary! Here you will find all organic shamanic medicines, mostly homegrown at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb, along with wildcrafted herbs from the Rocky Mountains, and other lands that they visit for honoring and stewardship.

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Song of Sophia’s Recipe Book

Own a collection of our own special recipes for soft dietas in Shipibo tradition, plant-attuned lifestyles in Song of Sophia tradition, our nourishing herbal remedies, and time-traveling Celtic Wheel Ceremony recipes! The highly favored E-Book is making its debut here in Spring 2021.

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Open Online Events

Song of Sophia Celtic Wheel Online Ceremonies

You are invited to the 8 Celtic Wheel Online Ceremonies held over Zoom with Eliza and the Seven Sisters each year. Come learn how Song of Sophia celebrates the ancient womb shamanism of their ancestry, and experience the transformational power of sisterhood in spirited reciprocity with the Earth. You and your families are welcome to join together. Before the ceremony, you will receive an email with all information you need to prepare and participate. Each ceremony will be about one hour’s time.

Mermaid Temple of the Womb Event

Annual Lion’s Gate Gathering on August 6 - 8, 2021 Meet with Eliza and the Seven Sisters at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb over Lion’s Gate for the Annual Gathering of Mermaid Shamanism!

Eliza’s Personal Sessions

Here you can connect directly with Eliza for a personal, private session. Meet either online or at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb.

Plant-Taught Values

Plant-Taught Values is an in-depth 4-hour Course that covers Eliza’s personal wisdom as a plant-taught devotee. This course is a wonderful introduction to the Song of Sophia womb-wise ritual, intuitive curriculum (shared through powerpoint), and the virtues of the School. Many herbalists say they could listen to this course again and again, and still receive blessings from it. If you are thinking about joining SoS, this is the golden opportunity for introductory experience.

Menstruation and Womb Shamanism


Welcome to the Wild World of the Womb; sacred, precious, holy, and true. This is a 4-Hour Guided Journey into your menstruation as a living prayer, health practice, as ceremony, and a sacred lifestyle. Eliza shares with you her wisdom experiences after leading hundreds of wombs through healing ceremony.  She will guide you through ceremony on how to embody your moon cycle, move through the classic menstrual pain, resentment, and doubt of your body. These understandings open you up to all the portal possibilities, healing corridors, and sweet opportunities of the womb. Women say that Eliza’s menstruation transmissions bring them to Inanna Ishtar, and the times of Red Tent when they would have ecstatic bleeding experiences, visioning for the health of their loved ones. Eliza shares from her own personal journey and from experiences leading Womb Temple for hundreds of women.

This is a Pay What You Can offering for any woman who needs it. In integrity, you can choose to pass on the asking price, and pay what you can. This offering is a free gift for all of the new SoS students for January 2021 opening classes.

Cannabis and Womb Shamanism

Like the womb, the power of the cannabis plant is vast and also greatly misunderstood. Many experience cannabis for years without sustainable change and healing occurring in their life. We can see this by how people are repeatedly experiencing the symptoms for which they are medicating. This is beyond the fact that cannabis can be recreationally used, unintentionally used, or used for numbing. The womb trusts all of these abilities of cannabis, and does not put any blame or shame on these aspects that come forward. However, Cannabis is a lot more than what we have been told by the industry for sales.

In this 4-Week Course, Eliza properly teaches how to receive the forever kind of medicine from this plant, and guides a womb journey to merge with its frequency. This is for men and women! We all have a womb space, an energetic portal to oneness in our body. The Cannabis spirit holds brilliant space within the womb consciousness for healing. This course is not just for womb trauma and menstrual health, although the techniques I share absolutely help. This course is about purposefully moving into your sensory system and experiencing visceral embodiment of intuition and power in the womb. Eliza teaches how to bring cannabis into our body as a life force journey. From the womb, cannabis medicine is available to run deeper into our own unique stories, and she has seen miraculous healing occur in the relationship between humans and cannabis.


For each enrollment to the school, a portion is donated to Earth Stewardship and Indigenous Medicine Work. If you feel called, please donate to our scholarship fund which helps to support marginalized individuals to access our offerings if they are so called.