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We are currently enrolling for 'Living Lemuria' an Online Seminar and Celebratory Initiation Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Student Symposium

Come Celebrate With Us!

Our ceremonial students immersed within intensive Plant-Taught Sophianic Devotions in January of 2021. Their training continues until May 2023; but during Lion's Gate Portal of this year, we are called to take a moment to share and bathe in the medicine that is becoming them.

The Symposium is an opportunity to share the gifts of a lineage, to honor the living essence of medicine in its change and becoming, for the practitioner to truly take up space from that wellspring, and experience the transformation of your their own medicine. It is surely to be a treat!

The lineage, Song of Sophia, is a guide, an entrainment, and containment. It is a holy and high dragonmother protecting and informing all of us. It keeps us safe to do such large and impactful gridwork for the collective.

The lineage is greater than all of us individually and purely indestructible when we all recognize that together.


We invite you to each of our student's individual offerings

over the course of a week.

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Lughnasadh & Noya Rao

BE A PART OF Song of Sophia's

8 Celtic Wheel YEARLY Ceremonies

You are invited to the 8 Celtic Wheel Online Ceremonies held over Zoom with Eliza and the Seven Sisters each year. Come learn how Song of Sophia celebrates the ancient womb shamanism of their ancestry, and experience the transformational power of our UK ancestry in spirited reciprocity with the Earth. You and your families are welcome to join together. Before the ceremony, you will receive an email with all information you need to prepare and participate. Each ceremony will be about one hour’s time.

Apply Now to Living Lemuria

Self-Directed Courses

Song of Sophia's self-directed courses are intensive seminars with advanced teachings that you can explore at your own pace, in your own time. We have several course offerings available for immediate self-study.


Eliza and the Seven Sisters have intention to record their living prayers and share their  meditations, plant songs, sisterhood songs, and blood songs.





Womb-wise, plant-taught medicine

Welcome to Eliza & Patrick’s Plant-Taught Apothecary! Here you will find all organic shamanic medicines, mostly homegrown at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb, along with wildcrafted herbs from the Rocky Mountains, and other lands that they visit for honoring and stewardship.

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A collection of our writings, poetry, channelings, recipes and crafts!

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Eliza’s Personal Sessions

Here you can connect directly with Eliza for a personal, private session. Meet either online or at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb.


For each enrollment to the school, a portion is donated to Earth Stewardship and Indigenous Medicine Work. If you feel called, please donate to our scholarship fund which helps to support marginalized individuals to access our offerings if they are so called.