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Our Rosemother is a Magdalene Midwife

By Song of Sophia Seven Sister, Carrie Poe


Mary Magdalene is a pillar of strength in the Song of Sophia Lineage.  She is the Red Rose Lover and Mother, midwife of the Christed Light, and an initiated womb shaman.  She is mother to a great lineage of Magdalenes.  


If I ask myself if I know Mary Magdalene, have I met her?  The answer is yes.  In so many ways, yes.  I read between the lines and met her long ago as a little girl singing the eucharistic hymns quietly with the priest during mass.  I have met her in the embodiment of women I have known through the years who are living in their fullness, creating from sacred union and following divine will.  There are many of us walking around today who are an embodiment of Mary Magdalene in some ways.   Something I have been exploring in this Ostara portal is how well I’ve come to know her through the embodiment of our Rosemother Eliza. 


Eliza is a Magdalene Midwife. 


There are so many ways this is true.  The first way I noticed this was when I first came to the Mermaid Temple and Eliza saw me for who I was, a sister, a daughter of the lineage.   She pointed out the doorway (which had been innately mine all along)  for me to step into my ‘coming into grace’ consciously with the Goddess and with the Christed light.   She didn’t push me through it or take any of my steps, but she showed me the door was there for me.  She actually held it open for me to walk through, if I chose.  The Magdalene is a doorway and holds the codes of rebirth

Eliza has shown me how to love myself in a way that allows me to make sure I am getting my basic needs met.  This practice increases my ability to attune to divine will.   Making sure my needs are met has also inspired a softening towards myself, a new way of relating in love to all the parts of myself.   This sacred union with myself is the blueprint for sacred union with all that is.  It has been so forbidden to love myself this much.  Eliza provided entrainement to this kind of love,  and cleared distortion around what it means for me to love myself this way.    The Magdalene holds the codes of primordial love in innocence, of sacred union. 


Eliza has held entrainment for me to her heaven on earth embodiment.  She opened to me in transparency and allowed me to see and feel what it is like to consciously spin my egg of conception in sovereignty, to co create with the light of nature in sacred union.  She taught me practices to develop the capacity to remain in my sovereignty and within the flow of divine will despite the demands and influences of the world.  This is the gift of the bliss of  co-creation, which has been so hidden and forbidden.  The Magdalene is a steward of creation for the divine.  


Like Mary Magdalene risked everything to follow her path with Yeshua, Eliza has risked it all on so many different levels in order to bring me medicine, to offer me a place in her Queendom while I build my own.  She has risked getting sick from my sickness, getting hurt by my thorns.  She didn’t have to do any of that for me.  She could have been swimming with whales instead of holding space for my purges.  But she chose to mother me, to midwife me.  She put this first, this great love that she has shared with me and with every lineage daughter.   This love that must be held in neutrality and fed divine milk at all times- because it can all turn sour so quickly.  She risks it and she does the tending she needs to in order to keep the divine milk flowing.  This is her Magdalene mother love.


Eliza has held this awakening and healing for me along with the greater lineage of Song of Sophia that she midwifed into being.  Each of the women of this lineage have been my Midwives, Magdalenes, Mother Mary’s, and Ereshkigals.    This kind of transformation happens in community, it has happened within this circle of sisterhood.  We cannot do this work alone.  We need support, we need witnessing, we need to be held in unconditional love, to be received with love rooted in neutrality.  Each sister of the lineage is a Magdalene in her own right, in her own perfect place on the grid.  What a blessing it is to be held within this weaving.