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Pedagogy & Mythos



The primary structure of Song of Sophia is led by both “pillar” and “plant attunements”.


We have 13 Pillars in Song of Sophia. A pillar is like a flame, a value, a shamanic mechanic. Each pillar returns us deeper into natural elements and Sophianic architecture. 


The pillars build one another and create exceptional somatic navigation within a physical body and light body. They are an organic skillset for both healing transformation and shamanic engineering.


The healing transformation of Song of Sophia is more simply a softening; a return to love. We return ourselves to the primordial pulse, and the plants guide the return. The primordial pulse is a very real sensation.  It occurs through reciprocal relation; a pulse that we feel when connected organically to the living environment. 


When this pulsing sensation awakens, it is our somatic sign that our amrita is flowing and we are connected to God. We sing to the divine feminine fluids everyday. It is where we connect to the plants, and more specifically the Golden Tree that gifts our magic. 



The mythos is powerful. When the golden light is completely saturated into our being, the songs of the plants arrive. Then shamanic harmony and ability to sing the songs of the plants truly occurs. 


We aren’t necessarily interested in any medicine song which can come rather easily from consciousness. We are specifically courting a clear frequency of a plant itself. This is the medicine of plant attunements. It takes patience, listening, and diligence to receive frequency. 


When these frequency songs arrive, there is nothing they cannot touch. No inorganic strand of DNA can stand in the way. It is divine. 


Therefore we often have “diet” protocol for pillar and plant attunements. After the initial stages of initiation, the daily or even weekly hapeh or cannabis practice must cease. The plants eliminate coffee habits too. 


We also do not work with frequency machines like Bemer or Healy during diet, plant attunements, or ceremony.  These practices interfere in the organic frequency of the plants. Therefore we have periods of pause to explore outside of plant directed doctrine. 


However, most people do not return to machines or habits that plants have delayed in the attunement process. For example, it is more likely that coffee becomes a fun and tasty treat.