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Plant Frequency Clarity

Plant Frequency Clarity
By Shelby Lafrinere, Pilgrim of Song of Sophia
Your life is what you make of it.
Meaning, while we may not have complete control of what happens around us, we have agency of what actions we participate in. What we eat, think, read, listen to, the people we surround ourselves with – these decisions affect us. We are all vibration, frequency, and we tune into that which we are in proximity too. Our lives are a product of relationship. A product of interaction with the world around us and within us. How we perceive is largely the in-between point of sensory experience that occurs through relationship. Relationship to that which is not directly ‘us’. How these relationships influence us. How we influence them.
If I want to be clear in my understandings, in my relationships, clear in my response – I need to be coming from a point of truth.
A point of clarity and stillness, that reflects a pure nature, not a point that is muddied by a myriad of things that are distracting, or of a nature far from our own truth and/or who we want to be.
Attuning to plant frequency is most accessible when our palette is free from false distractions.
Especially in the beginning of learning this skill. It is like trying to read underwater. If the water is clear, still and undisturbed, you can read the words on a page. But if the water is murky, muddied, choppy (waves and ripples present), it becomes impossible to read the words on a page. There are too many places fractioning off the light, distorting the path for clear vision. When attuning to plant frequency, we must remove the human made obstacles, and merge instead into the whole of nature, so as not to be blocked or mislead by any one fraction of distortion. Nourishing our body with fresh simple food, keeping hydrated and rested, having peaceful relations, etc, allows the “water” to settle and become clear so we may hear the messages of nature from the point of our true nature, not the point of human ego or false fear, or a sick body.
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