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Plant Medicine Ceremonialists

Plant Medicine Ceremonialists
By Eliza


There are, of course, many different ways that one can commune with plant medicine.


However I strongly support the idea that those leading plant medicine ceremonies take the plant medicine too.


When the ceremonialist isn’t taking the medicine, I no longer see it as a plant-taught or plant-led medicine ceremony. Rather, I see a person projecting their own medicine on the plants, even if this person is loving with all the best intentions.


When the focus in plant ceremonies is not on learning from the plants; but rather using the plants to heal for your own agenda, I become concerned.



In my 15 years of various plant medicine ceremonies, I have seen what can happen when ceremony is not focused on the plant teaching.


When there is a primary human agenda of enlightenment, the experience can easily create more layers of illness. And simply, this is how most ceremonies are promoted these days in U.S. culture.


And whenever I have attended a ceremony like this, the illness in the container was more so informed by artificial light.
There were no roots.


This can cause delusion that occurs so deep in the unconscious that the ego becomes harmfully embedded in artificial tech and way harder to detect without an eventual plant led approach.


The plants do test us.

If we aren’t focused on weaving our divine connection with their teaching, we can easily get lost in thinking that we are the medicine instead of them. They allow this to happen.


Of course it will always be you; in all ways, you are the medicine. AND when you are taking plant medicine: the plants are the medicine. 🙏


This is a truth that I return to time and time again.

Thank you to my beautiful Shipibo teachers who have taught me so much about being plant-led, plant-informed, and a committed devotee to the plant path. Thank you Olivia.

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