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Self-Directed Course:

Plant-Taught Values

Are you traveling within Plant Consciousness or Plant Frequency?


Song of Sophia holds advanced entheogenic teachings directly sourced from co-relation between the plants and the Womb of All Creation. Each plant has a field of consciousness that surrounds and informs it. And each plant has a frequency, or an origin point of its creation.


This seminar is a masterclass for shamanic plant medicine emergence. For those interested in intuitive Herbalism, Entheogenic Ceremonies, Mushroom Microdosing, or Ayahuasca Healing...  this is the seminar that shares primordial values for this wisdom.

Plant-Taught Values

Masterclass SEMINAR

Plant Taught Values

4 hours

Presented by Eliza Ma'ora and her personal experience of a life devoted to plant communication, attunement, and teachings directly from them.

Plant-Taught Values is an in-depth 4-hour Masterclass that covers Eliza’s personal wisdom as a plant-taught devotee.


This course is a shamanic wisdom introduction to Song of Sophia and includes womb-wise ritual, intuitive intelligence, and the virtues of the plant medicine practice within the school.


Many herbalists say they could listen to this course again and again, and still receive blessings from it. If you are thinking about joining SoS, this is the golden opportunity for introductory experience.

This is a course about the values learned through life-long relationships with plants; how to rearrange human conditioning into generative practices for plant-taught lifestyle; and how to tend the emergent plant medicine world in mainstream society as to not bypass the earth's natural cycles of life and death.


It includes a guided ceremony to bring the plants into our bodies, and move through the physical and lightbody layers of consciousness and root into frequency of the plant. In the frequency of the plant is where no harm can be done, it is where transmission occurs, and one is able to delineate what is a teaching of the plant and what is a communication from the wounded consciousness of humanity projecting onto the plant.


Please play the recording in a quiet, cozy, supportive place to drop deep into the cradle of Gaia Sophia. However, I understand that isn’t always possible – so please tune in from wherever you are with whatever you have going on.

Please bring your plant medicine! I recommend a tea that you already have a great relationship with, and also a plant that you don’t know well.

Plant-Taught Values - Song of Sophia

Hello dear ones. Eliza here.
The consciousness of entheogenic medicines can be controlled by outside influences that do not have our best interest in mind.

The consciousness of any particular plant is a field that can be manipulated. We are all a child of God. The plants are children of God. Just as our fields can be manipulated, so can entheogenic fields.

I studied with the consciousness of Ayahuasca for two years before I drank her. I devoted to her before she ever touched my lips. The way she came to me was like an old friend.

I was studying her in a meditative spiritual sense, and also through my phd track degree in Anthropology of Consciousness (it wasn't too long before she guided me to leave non-magical academics completely).

The richness of years in full immersion of her consciousness, without imbibing, were the foundational teachings for me. I had to listen intently to her for a connection.

A strong line of communion crafted between us that went through the consciousness fields, and merged directly into her frequency point - into the zero point, of Ayahuasca’s creation as God's child.

By the time I did choose my first ceremonial dieta, I was never without her love or without a connection to her frequency. I had made it through the inverted consciousness fields where harm can occur, and rooted directly into her creational womb.

The first ceremony, she held me, rocked me, and rebirthed my soul with such loving, tender softness, and attention.

In hundreds of ceremonies later, Ayahuasca has never treated me with anything less than this ultimate loving. There is kindness and respect. It is easy between us as we navigate together through the not-so-easy facts of harm occurring in this world.

Her frequency taught me that all the ‘hard love’, her perceived punishing or her projected agony - all live in the consciousness, and are not alive within her frequency.

To merge in her frequency is to journey - through the projections of medicine, of control, the inorganic constructs, manipulation, and outside influence of those who want to harm - without being harmed ourselves.

This is why dieta as a lifestyle devotion is so important, and especially for western pasajeros who grew up disconnected from sovereignty, plant realm, and spirit realm.

If the person assisting with any entheogenic ceremony is not rooted into the divine frequency of the entheogen - harm can easily be perpetuated, and then positioned as ‘healing’.

It is happening at astounding rates, and it can be difficult to watch. I ask her why she allows certain things to happen. She holds me through the witnessing of it. She shows me certain keepers of the medicine, years before I will be helping to hold their transition into frequency. I am one of the guides in their ceremonies.
It’s all part of it.

Ultimately, this harm is out of our control, and sometimes even none of our business.

However as society is making big ‘accessible’ moves in the entheogenic world for healing transformation, I invite to always consult with the plants as the first guide.

Perhaps Plant-Taught Values could be a guide.

Keep your plants close.

And especially now - what do your plants need right now?

Practice dieta. Move slower. Integrate more.

Drop the consciousness tricks until you’re rooted, and can go back to explore them from a place of very consciously not participating in harm.

Let the reciprocal devotion of the plant to you, and you to the plant, be the teacher.

Let the frequency lead the way.

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