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Song of Sophia is a presence process, intuitive recognition, playful exploration, and viscerally lived experience. This means we are always listening so we can continually adapt to the shifting rhythms of the Earth pulse. The School also birthed into existence by embodiment practices of the ever-evolving qualities of nature as divinity. This school is the ‘book’ you all asked for from Eliza.

From our deepest well, we are crafted mostly of personally remembered practices from our relationship with the ancient great mother. We weave Sophia Christ with Pre-Celtic Magic, The Tuatha Dé Danann, The Rose Lineage, Magdalene Midwifery, Primordial Mothers, and Mermaid Lemurian consciousness. We work with the plants, elements, animals, humanity, music and living prayer. Our ways of valuing the Earth, Cosmos, and in-between stem from inner gnosis, the timeless alchemical teachings of Heaven on Earth that we carry inside of ourselves.

The storylines of Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, Ireland, Ancient Greece and Rome, Mexico, the Amazon and Avalon are all playing a significant role in the virtues and evolution of the lineage. The most important aspect is that the lineage is alive, ebbing and flowing as the timelines wax and wane. We listen and illustrate mostly from the old, old path of pre-celtic druidic qualities and womb shamanism within the Celtic Isles, yet include the holy spirit, Sophia Christ trinity, and a few indigenous teachings from Peru and Hawaii that have been granted to Eliza by specific permission.

In this moment, Eliza sends blessings and grateful acknowledgement to all of the teachers and friends who walk with her. Everyone on her path has helped to bring the school to light in various ways.

Keepers of the wild rose, moonlight reflected on the water, the song of nature, and ancestral blood rites of the midwife, mother, and family-led sacred union.

What our students say:


The Living Lineage Keepers all come from diverse backgrounds with both visible and unseen qualities of struggle, adversity, and advantage. The hearts connected to Song of Sophia including students, teachers, alumni, and school associates, are committed to inclusivity, acceptance, value, and trust in uninhibited self expression within the community. We acknowledge the pre-colonial caretakers of the land where we practice, and ask for guidance where it is appropriate. We are open to growing more compassionate in our approach to deconstructing colonialism and oppression while also grieving the effects of white supremacy. All qualified beings with sincere interest in the school will be received with dignity and opportunities for their unique way of presenting and identifying in the world at the best of our ability. We respect all peoples, all spirits, ages, genders, ethnicities, veteran or immigration statuses, religions, and bodies. We value you innately as your birthright, and make space for your individual blossoming intelligence, intuition, creativity, stillness, and wisdom.

Please see about the Pay What You Can Applications on the Prospective Student Page, available for socially, economically, and ethnically marginalized peoples.

It is our honor to be with you.

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Eliza Stephen
is the mystic creative founder of Song of Sophia.

Her related soul inspirations include birthwork and deathwork, Mermaid Temple of the Womb in Nederland, CO, and Rise & Shine, Love, her plant-taught medicine song apothecary she shares with her husband.

She began her professional practice as a compassionate shamanic healer in 2012. Her offerings have included intuitive astro-herbal medicine, psychic development, tea readings, crystalline intelligence, and hands-on energy healing. She has since led over a thousand souls in ceremony, and held over 500 days of retreat; both internationally and at her warm saltwater Temple in the Rocky Mountains.

Eliza is here for the emergence of living prayer.

As a transformational guide, she is described most often as a dear friend, and is also affectionately known as the matriarch of earth womb descent (no light feat).

Eliza carries a sword of innocence with grounded knowing, oracular fertility, and great skill of song & mermaid medicine.

You can find her waking with the pink light of morning, opening her windows to fresh mountain air, singing prayers of the flowers, and recalling dreams with a cup of tea. Whether swimming, dancing, or merry-making with potions, she is dedicated to it all as ceremonial art.

Wedding in the woods

When asking her husband Patrick what Eliza’s special attributes are he responds with how she remembers her birth. Eliza’s experiences with womb consciousness and portalkeeping start within her memories of the womb, and solidify through her birth experience and adoption. She never fully passed through the veil of forgetting, and has been fostering a conscious relationship with Spirit since her early days. Her first true and constant divine guide came in around three years old, and she has been opening to intimacy with God consciousness, communicating with nature, and midwifing magic throughout her different periods of personal growth.

Her dark night of the soul started early, and for more than a decade, Eliza experienced the pains of the Earth experience as a sensitive ancient being. She integrated the shadow, death, rebirth, depression, anxiety, self-harm, pharmaceuticals, and clinical therapy within innate intuition and womb consciousness when the mainstream approaches did not serve her. Eliza’s ability to be fully present in the sicknesses of the world while also bearing witness through expanded perspective has led to her abilities of healing without fixing, and trust of nature-lead creation. Inanna Rakma.

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At Cornell College, Eliza studied music while graduating with an Ethnic Studies and Spanish degree focused on realismo mágico, surrealism myths of the inbetween world. She developed her devotion to social justice, and allegiance to the greater population through anti-racism studies, intersectional feminism, and educational psychology. She went further on to serve higher imagination as a remedy for globalized colonialism, and graduated University of Denver with a MA in International Development focusing on Indigenous Rights, Immigrant Rights, and Sustainability. She was two years into a thesis within Anthropology of Consciousness on Ayahuasca Phenomenological Healing before the plants asked her to leave academics, and return to the land for their full-time devotion. The thesis study included Jungian Dreamwork and Archetype Studies, transpersonal and emotional psychology with various integrative therapies for the body-mind. It was during this time that her plant-taught awareness began to inform her of Natura Sophia traditions through Rudolf Steiner.

Cherished Acknowledgements

Eliza has dedication to integrative entheogenic experiences for 16 years and notable relationships are with Rose, Rosemary, Noya Rao, Yarrow, Vervain, Albaca, Tulsi, Uña de Gato, Bobinsana, Passiflora, Pulsatilla, ‘Ohi’a Lehua, Pine, Aspen, Tobacco, and many more magical beings. She looks forward to attuning with the Yew soon. Many thanks to the nurturance of dieta, and special Shipibo-Conibo practitioners with recognition to Maestro Miguel, and she is grateful to Juanita, Carolina & Pedro for such sacred introduction to Noya Rao.

Eliza gives thanks to her teachers as she shares her various certifications and training. Whapio and The Matrona as a Certified Holistic Doula and Certified Postpartum Doula; Suren Shrestha as a graduate of Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School; Harold Dull with certification in Watsu;  a Womb Awakening graduate of the Institute of Feminine Arts and Dr. Azra & Seren Bertrand; Dr. Karen Fox as a Reiki Master Teacher; Spagyric Alchemy at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism Ashland Campus; Bardic Arts Coaching with Marya Stark; and private Ayurvedic panchakarma(s) with Valerie Goulding & Tona Leiseth and their mentorship. Her recent studies have been focused with associated offerings of various somatic and body practitioners; Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute; Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys; and Hugh Milne Institute of Visionary Craniosacral. In March 2019, Kahuna Kalei’iliahi invited Eliza to share as much of her “pure innocence healing” for the returning Hawaiian Lemurian lines as she can.

Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are the

co-creatives in the Song of Sophia.

They have all been studying with Eliza for at least two years, and strongly believe in the wisdom that weaves through this family-led school atmosphere. The Seven Sisters will be the first generation Teacher graduates of the School; and some of them are currently building their own Mermaid Temples. All students will weave with the Seven Sisters and receive from them during their Song of Sophia experience.

Song of Sophia Symbol


She embodies the red rose myth within her name, Sophia Solomonson, as the biblical Song of Songs speaks of King Solomon’s marriage to wisdom as God’s Gift; of his marriage to the Holy Sophia, and it was she who instructed him in building the Temple, and it was she who became wiser than all the kings of the East and all the wise people of Egypt. This special connection has informed the Mermaid Temple of the Womb as Sophia lived and worked there, in reciprocal amusement with the Magdalene Mermaids.

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Sophia is a licensed and working massage therapist, and her clients speak of healing primordial wounds of the feminine, and also of revitalizing their wings. She is known to have the touch of an angel and is currently gracing the greater Detroit area with her spiritual bodywork. Graduating Irene’s Myomassology Institute in 2006, she has been practicing Reiki and heart activated healing touch modalities for 14 years.

For the past nine years, Sophia has dedicated herself to a yoga practice of exploring the strengths and weaknesses of trauma being stored in the body, and specifically the womb. Through the healing studies of her own body, she is able to support others in exploring the stories their own bodies tell. This constant exposure to the human body-mind expression gives Sophia a unique perspective into the ways fitness, flexibility, embodied sensuality, and Sophianic movement can integrate the lightbody into earthwise physicality. For the School curriculum, Sophia teaches a special movement practice known as Sophianic Body Prayers that flows spontaneously from Goddess to open and strengthen the body, bring awareness to dormant tissue, and revitalize the spirit.

She is also known for her humor and courageous truth telling.

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Graciously known as Dazzalina Radia'ance, Dazzy is an artist of rainbowed spirit and a warrior of unified passion with empathetic knowing. Her heart beats for the trinity of herself, you, and me. She has always been guided by a higher light and connection to nature and spirit realms, especially through the traumatic hardships she's endured. A very difficult childhood followed over a decade of debilitating chronic pain and mystery illnesses in her adult life.

Her healing journey inspired her study of ethnobotany and a variety of different holistic practices including womb healing, mermaid emergence, and crystal intelligence. She is a certified Yoga Teacher and Womb Reiki practitioner.

Dazzy evolved into working professionally with the cannabis plant as medicine for over a decade, spending 5 years creating a Not for Profit that offered free monthly personalized cannabis medicines to hundreds of cancer patients. Her biggest ally throughout her trauma restoration has been plant medicine, teaming up with cannabis and mycelium to help guide through pain, sickness, anxiety and depression. The plant queendom has taught Dazzy to slow down, to stay deeply rooted into her Earth body, and inspires her to keep blooming.

Dazzy spends her days immersed in her art as a holy expression. With a background in art studies, focused on graphic and fashion design, Dazzy's big heart, depth of connection, and innate drive to help others make her the ideal candidate for providing the Wise Woman Crafts, Weavings, and Art curriculum for Song of Sophia. She is excited to continue to grow as an integral sister of the lineage, and support others who feel the calling.

You can find her between Santa Cruz California and Big Island Hawaii.

Carrie Poe

Carrie Poe has signed up for full merging with the Divine Mother. Her courageous heart, loyal spirit, and wild willingness to be flexible below the surface shows her specialization as a mother, lady of the lake, and forest dwelling Magdalene.

Carrie Poe grew up in the forests, and around the plentiful lakes of Northern Michigan. She has always had a strong connection to the plant realm, and has been speaking to plants all her life. Born a highly sensitive and intuitive empath, Carrie struggled throughout her life to find a way of being in a world that didn’t fit the needs of her spirit.

Carrie Poe - Song of Sophia Seven Sister

She fell into cycles of addiction with substances, and self-medicated to cope with depression, anxiety, and the demands of a fast paced life and career.

Carrie is in her second year of plant-attuned mentorship with Eliza. This shamanically led experience is a hearth and home to her Spirit. She is growing in devotion to Divine Mother, and settling into her Queendom as Mother, Sister, and Daughter. Her highest calling today is to bring healing and magic to the sisterhood that is this lineage.

Carrie Poe graduated from Northern Michigan University with a double major in International Studies and Spanish Language and Culture. She is a certified Womb Reiki Practitioner, and a daily prayer warrior and an avid lucid dreamer. She owns a marketing agency with her husband, Michael and has worked in various capacities for the agency for the last ten years.

Carrie is mother to three daughters who are learning the ways of the Song of Sophia with her.

Woman with big red flower in her hair

Mia Grace

Mia lives a family-led life as a birthkeeper, womb carrier, and plant medicine practitioner. She starts and ends each day the same way: inviting love in its wholeness through Spirit into her family's lives through a gratitude circle followed by reciting a morning or evening verse with her two young sons. She learns mostly through play in nature with the magical Rocky Mountains. Her love for harvesting sacred plants from the land comes from listening for their whispers to inform her medicine making.

Her journey into motherhood was her biggest inspiration for transformative healing and mystical living. She has been studying holistic and wild ways of healthy children as well as offering birthwork, doula services, placenta encapsulation, and womb remedies. She has also been a Priestess of the Mermaid Temple and the ceremonial chef for about two years.

Mia is passionate about sharing the medicine of the plants and the gifts of the womb with those who are also called to the path. She studied medical and holistic health at the University level and chose to leave before getting a final degree to pursue what was true for her. Her formal titles include Plant Taught Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher with Mermaid Temple of the Womb, and Certified Holistic Doula with Whapio and the Matrona.

Being a member of Song of Sophia School holds a deeply sacred place in Mia’s heart. The lineage holds her most transformative and life changing experiences within this lifetime, and she is here to hold nurturing support as integrative doula for the students, take us on wild crafting and plant foraging adventures, and teach us wisdom of apothecary work.

This Plant-Taught Lineage has taught me to slow down, go within, and listen to the plants. I have learned time and time again, when I connect my womb to Gaia and wait for the plants to tell me how they may be of service, the healing received is incomparable to that which is acquired when I tell the plants how I think they should work for me.

Reciprocity with the Earth is key in the work we do; I give as I am given, I inform the plants as they inform me.


One of the reasons we love Samantha is for her daring insights of the Goddess realms. She often catches us by surprise with her great wisdom, Vensuian delight, and memories of the stars. Her depth of experienced reverence for Inanna and her descent is forever supportive in our own shadow and gracework.

Ever since Samantha can remember, she has been fascinated with esoteric arts and eastern philosophy and medicine.

Woman wet with flower in front of her face

She is a Board Certified Registered Nurse with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, who has been working in western medicine since 2008. From psychiatric care to trauma care to oncology to working in the jail system- she's facilitated a soul connection in healing for people of many backgrounds.

She self-studies astrology, past life regression, astral projection, ayurveda, and anything else that inspires her muse.. In 2016, Samantha had her first plant medicine journey in the jungles of Peru. This ultimately aligned her path to meet Eliza. Samantha has been studying with Eliza since 2018 and has sat through many more plant medicine ceremonies with her as well as becoming certified in Womb Reiki. You can find Samantha teaching yoga with the goats or in the park in Denver.

As one of the Seven Sisters, she is here to support you along your journey. Samantha can be considered your Registrar and Bursar- creating and managing payment plans that will both support and nourish you and your family, while still honoring the sacred reciprocity needed to support and nourish the school.

Sarah Dawn - Song of Sophia Seven Sister

Sarah Dawn

Sarah describes Song of Sophia as every mystic’s dream. She recognizes herself as ancient yet also dedicated to something new.

Her experience in the shamanic realms as a guardian of the in-between spaces seems more real than the waking world. Her lived wisdom is palpable in the frequency of her siren song, and all are blessed to experience her voice rippling through the saltwater at the Mermaid Temple.

As a student of both death and grief, she holds many initiations into sacred rites of passage that she effortlessly shares with others. Her love for children resonates through her path of becoming a travel nanny, and learning the codes of the lands she visits. After meeting her beloved, she continued traveling, and expressing creativity through land activations.

Coming from a long line of medicine carriers, when Sarah became a mother in 2015, it really transformed and shifted her path. She began seeking a deeper remembrance to the shamanic realm that she has always experienced, as she found that it amplified once becoming a mother. Her ancestry spans from the Celtic Isles through France and the Iberian Peninsula, and she has Native American roots in Mexico and Central America.

Sarah is informing the School Curriculum with her death and grief rites, family-led traveling for receiving land communication, transformative siren song, and experience in media relations.

She welcomes you to the real-life Hogwarts School!

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