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13-Month Live Online School for Self-Directed Healing
2-Year Certification for Ceremonial Healing Practitioner

All applications are now open!

Song of Sophia is a wombwise, plant-taught, intuitive intelligence school that is bridging the lived shamanic experience with embodied methods of psychology, emotional intelligence, and somatic healing for a grounded & balanced transformational practicum.

If you find yourself here, dear one,

you are probably inspired to walk the path of who you truly are.

Do you feel the resounding call to uncover the tender mysterium within your soul, and birth a return to love for yourself and those around you?

Both the 13-Month Online Course & 2-Year Certification Course

offer this powerful potential.

Self-Directed Healing and Ceremonial Healing Practitioner run concurrently.

In the first year, you will experience a weaving of intermediate to leading-edge knowledge of living medicine, plant-taught herbalism, astrological and cosmic connections, descent and dark womb, shadow realm rebirth, Priestess Arts, mystic ritual, holistic health, land stewardship, psycho-somatic applications, emotional, relationship & sacred sexuality applied practice, and plant medicine. We recommend that you have a healthy lifestyle of mindfulness, meditation, movement, whole foods, knowledge of beginner energetics, and compassionate reflection already in practice. However, Eliza will provide a proper and thorough understanding of the shamanic magic of Song of Sophia within the foundational classes.

Song of Sophia Rose


"Hearing Eliza sing, you’ll know. And what you come to know is something that you may not be able to name, but you’ll know it’s coming from ancestral channels. Her presence within the work is authentic and carries an uncommon level of refinement.  Importantly, this refinement is not an affectation or something that was constructed by Eliza.  It’s actually coming from the plants.  And it’s magical. She’s someone I’d like to continue working with for a lifetime."

Jeremy T


“As I sit here, eyes stinging from trying to hold back the tears, I am shocked, amazed, in awe. I feel as if Eliza has been inside my heart, body & soul. I am 50 years old now, and she has just taught me how to expose ‘the secrets’ of my younger years. Thank you seems insignificant. Eliza and Patrick are some of the most giving and loving people I have had the privilege to know. Whatever she is offering, assume the value is easily 10 times that, that you will come to know real magic, and be held in the arms of a mother you always knew!”
Cindy S



Who is Song of Sophia
created to serve?

You, my love!

Perhaps other herbal-focused education hasn’t quite inspired your intuitive heart, and you are ready to be taught by the plants, to merge with the earth as your way of herbal training. If you know you are here to attune to nature through your womb, to melt into union with plant frequency, sing the frequency of the trees, and carry their medicine in yourself always, the 13-Month School will give an expansive introduction to our unique womb-wise shamanic lifestyle, Plant and Goddess attunements.

If you have experienced some healing on your feminine journey already, and are now desiring to dedicate and share your well of living wisdom, please look into the 2-Year Certification in Ceremonial Healing Practitioner. You will find the 13 Pillars of Womb Shamanism paired with an extra year devoted to embodied psycho-emotional intelligence, relationship studies, rites of passage, somatics, and trauma awareness to offer a well-rounded and skillful approach to healing for those who find you. The 2-Year Certification is designed for you to be well-trained in the wounds, in the threshold experiences, that surface during shamanic womb work with the plants. This course is a realization of grounded yet mystical professional practices for transformational family-led, womb-directed healing.

In any respects, I hope you love to sing, or are wanting deeper voice activation, sister! This is what I can promise you. While singing is not all that we do in Song of Sophia, the feminine multi-dimensional principle of sound is a key weaving through the Rose Lineage, all our 13 Pillars of Light, our herbal practice, shamanic practice, ceremonies, doula work, deathkeeping, wise women council, and beyond.


Prerequisites for Enrollment

- at least a year or two on a spiritual healing path -

- dedicated to a healthy lifestyle -

- experienced a healing transformation before -


Thank you for listening.

No matter if you choose to study with Song of Sophia, thank you for following your womb pulse from within, and being open to receive Divinity in confidence as a radiant human of transformational healing and shamanic living. You are a blessing, and may you receive the fruits of your womb.

What our students say:

Are you looking for a 13-Moon online facilitation to embody the living path of Song of Sophia?

The 2-Year ceremonial healing practitioner Spiral is at full enrollment for 2021 - 2023. The next 2-Year Spiral Opens for enrollment in september 2023 for A January 2024 - 2026 class.

Woman floating in the water with a symbol on her chest

Self-Directed Healing Spiral

Length of Program:   January 2021 - January 2022
Celebration Retreat:    January 20 - 23, 2022

Do you want to study with Song of Sophia,

but also desire to participate in your own rhythm and flow?

We totally get it. Self-Directed Healing studies alongside the Certification students in live class, but is designed for you to be in charge of your destiny. Self-Directed means you are the captain of your ship. In SDH, you can choose whether to sift through the material in pure enjoyment, to weave these teachings into your life when school calls, or buckle up and attend every opportunity with peer mentorship and Eliza's teachings to facilitate a ride of self-transformation.

Self-Directed Healing (SDH) is a 13-Moon Course that illuminates the 13 Pillars of Song of Sophia in distinct modules of our Wheel 1 curriculum. SDH is an online learning experience with live plant attunements and transmissions on ancient energetic medicine, recorded classes, written material, at-home ritual, and interactive community. There is an option to attend the included Celebration Retreat at graduation in January 2022.

There are no required meetings or assignments for the Self-Directed Student. However we invite you to add-on further learning experience within Wheel 1 such as the Hawaii Lemurian Activation, Quantum Holistic Doula Certification, or Sacred Ceremonies.

Take Note:

If you want to participate in Wheel 2: Threshold Training,

you must enroll in the Ceremonial Healing Practitioner Spiral Year 1.

Monthly Time Commitments:

Nothing is required for SDH, you get to choose from 3 - Hours of Live Ceremony, 1-Hour of Live Divination, Live Celtic Wheel Celebrations, and 3+ Hours of recorded Womb Transmission to participate in your own time such as Sophianic Movement Practices, Oraclar Rituals, Water Scrying, Yoni Care, Primal Arts Crafting, Celtic Seasonal Recipes and Eliza’s Channel.


This Spiral does not provide in-person training for how to properly hold trauma-sensitive council/space for others. Therefore, you are not permitted to guide or teach the content that you learn as an SDH student. SDH is for a personal journey of presence within a timeless feminine remembrance, a learning relationship with plant-taught medicine lifestyle, ceremonial transformation, and a celebration of your unique resonance within SoS living lineage.

Seven Sister Support Hours:

The Seven Sisters are available to schedule personal time for support, tutoring, and guidance throughout the Wheel. This is invaluable as the Seven Sisters are incredible wise women with much mysticism, teachings, and love to share.

Bonus Program:

Menstruation as Womb Shamanism Seminar. Eliza is offering all of the SDH students access to her personal course on living life within a womb ceremony, intimately connected to your menstruation cycle, and in full reception of the psychic power, spiritual hearth, and ecstatic shedding.

Song of Sophia Symbol

One spot available for  13 moon + Certification Training


Tuition: $2,550

$500 to secure your spot (non-refundable)
Payment plans available

+ Certification training: $3,800


Pay in Full Bonus ($2550):

A Bonus 2-Hr Mentorship Session with Eliza anytime throughout the year


Student Affiliate:

You receive $150 off for each person who signs up through you, and the person who joins SoS also receives $100 off of their tuition.

Additional Expenses

Class Materials (live house plants, seeds, medicine making tools, herbs, craft and ritual supplies, etc.)
Travel to & from Retreat
Miscellaneous Items of Support
This school is not a substitute for your own mental health, therapy, or medical healthcare. Make sure to budget for what you need in that respect while knowing that transformational healing sometimes means you need more support.

All folks welcome to join the 13-Month Course,

men & womxn+ alike.

Pay What You Can

Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature is offering 10 ‘Pay What You Can’ positions for enrollment in the Self-Directed Healing Online Spiral. This is our prayer of offering the school to those who are perfect for the opportunity yet couldn’t otherwise attend due to financial constraints. As the school is just getting started, we don’t have a wide enough audience to fully offer a ‘Pay What You Can’ structure and keep the school afloat; however, it is our grand dream to have all of the tuitions be held in a ‘pay what you can’ format eventually. At this time, you are not eligible for this opportunity if you have steady accessible income, access to resources, or already teach similar material.

What our students say:

Group picture of woman together in a pool

Ceremonial Healing Practitioner
2 Year Certification Spiral

No longer accepting applications.


Ceremonial Healing Practitioner (CHP) is essentially a 2-year apprenticeship with Eliza and Song of Sophia. This Spiral offers Wheel 1: To Know Thyself and Wheel 2: Threshold Training in two consecutive 13-Moon Wheels.

Wheel 1 illuminates the 13 Pillars of Song of Sophia and Wheel 2 continues to journey in the Pillars with advanced topics of study for a SoS practitioner to embody.

CHP is both an online learning experience with required in-person retreats and training. This Spiral is to share the teachings with others in your own professional practice after graduation. Song of Sophia continues to offer support in expanded learning, healing expansion, and maintenance on trauma-informed techniques throughout the years for CHP alumni. There are 3 required retreats throughout each Wheel (6 total) to practice hands-on healing, shamanic womb techniques, plant medicine, and plant-womb attunement. Each Pillar we have various hours of live ceremony and attunement, personal assignments due, a community for wellbeing, support from the Seven Sisters, and private mentorship with Eliza.

Wheel 1 Training Retreats

9-Day Hawaii Lemurian Activation (separate cost to tuition)
10-Day Quantum Holistic Doula Certification & Plant Attunement
9-Day Womb Shamanism Training Retreat

Wheel 2 Training Retreats

13-Day Celtic Isle Activation (separate cost to tuition)
10-Day Plant Attunement & Trauma Sensitive Integration
9-Day Advanced Practitioner Methods

For more detailed information on the retreats, please go to the Prospective Student Portal.

Monthly Time Commitments:

Think of CHP where as everything offered is valuable, quality experience that will further your studies, personal transformation, and thus wisdom and ability to guide others through a Sophianic ceremonial lifestyle.

The requirements look like:

• 6 hours of live meetings per pillar
• A few hours of experiential assignments per pillar
• A personal daily, or semi-daily, spiritual practice that resonates with the current plant, tree, goddess, ritual, or magic we are in relationship with at the time
• The plant-taught lifestyle won’t be tracked in a quantifiable way yet the quality of your assignments will speak for themselves in regards to your development within Song of Sophia ceremonial work.

Missed Required Class:

The calls are required because you are participating in order to share the material. Your involved experience matters because it turns into your wisdom. All of the calls are recorded and will be available after they are live. Every meeting you miss, you need to watch the live call on your own time AND schedule a 30min catch-up meeting with your Seven Sister mentor. This meeting is your responsibility. The first 2 catch-up meetings per year are free of charge; after that, you will be invoiced $50 for each catch-up meeting. *There are a few minor exceptions for international students with middle-of-the-night time zones

Ceremonial Healing Practitioner Certification:

This is a certification program to learn to hold transformational threshold work and family healing through a womb-wise approach with plant-taught herbalism practices, ancient remembrance, feminine shamanic arts, ceremony, rite of passage, ritual facilitation, plant medicine, psychologically and somatically informed council. We have a focus on trauma-sensitive coaching techniques that nurture intimate relationship with the living Earth and our ancestors.

Eliza & Seven Sister Support Hours:

Each student gets two sessions with Eliza in the first year and four sessions with Eliza in the second year.

Each student gets a Seven Sister Mentor.

The Seven Sisters are available to schedule personal time for support, coaching, and guidance throughout the Wheel. This is invaluable as the Seven Sisters are incredible wise women with much mysticism, retreat experience, and love to share.

Bonus Programs:

Menstruation as Womb Shamanism Seminar in October 2020

Eliza is offering all of the CHP students access to her personal presentation on living life as womb ceremony, intimately connected to your menstruation cycle, and in full reception of the psychic power, spiritual hearth, and ecstatic shedding.

What about tuition?

For the full, extensive list of tuition, early bird bonuses, what is included, like 34-Days of Retreat at the Mermaid Temple spread out over the next two years (wheee!!), and additional class materials...

Certification Outcomes

• Be a Certified Ceremonial Healing Practitioner with a trusted body-centered intuitive approach and have the emotional resiliency skills to integrate the shamanic womb arts in a plant-taught way of life.

• Support integrated women’s work with a wise balance of pragmatic methodology and mystical medicine for transformational healing at the root of it all.

• Have the skills, lived experience, and embodied awareness to guide intuitive union with the Goddess, coach dynamically within the feminine arts, facilitate ceremonial healing sessions, host valuable initiations, meditations, shamanic journey or womb rituals, sing with plants in high frequencies, support family-led births and deaths, and improve clients within holistic body, mind, emotion, and spiritual emergence.

• Trust your intelligence and presence to hold the deep space inbetween worlds so your clients can access the raw vulnerability and tender self awareness required for transformation and healing traumatic experiences.

• Know how to restore the nervous system, endocrine system, and energetic structures necessary within the body for holy rebirth, ancient remembrance, otherworldly communion, and recognition of wholeness.

• Awaken the dormant magic of your ancestry and spiritual lineage to apply it in real-time for spiritual leadership, sacred love, and harmonious sexuality.

• Understand how to shift the world to Heaven on Earth through a family-lead perspective with plant-taught values, compassion, and living in supportive intimacy with the Earth.

• Expand understandings of self while activating your internal alchemy of masculine and feminine union.

• Be an alumni of Song of Sophia with opportunity for furthering education, receiving life-long support from the sisterhood, and involving your family with a community devoted to the return to love.

For each full enrollment, $50 is donated to Earth Stewardship and Indigenous Medicine Work

What our students say:

Group picture of people walking on the beach

Song of Sophia

2021 - 2022 Schedule

*possible for days to slightly shift given uncertain times*


all students have been given a copy of the schedule. please refer to Eliza if you need an update.

Thank you.

I am looking forward to opening applications again for January 2023.

In the meantime, please join us in our offerings.