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13-Pillar Live School for Plant-Taught Medicine & Transformation
and Mentored Training in Sophianic Midwifery Arts for Ceremonialists, Wisdom Keepers & Organic Alchemists


my womb is a wayshower

We feel you out there, sisters! Our meeting in the dreamfields is already so sweet. 


dear prospective students

enrollment information is here!


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I am doing something different this time

Only those who are signed up to the Song of Sophia mailing list will have access the 2024 - 2025 Enrollment Booklet.


The information is available as of september 18.


The email will have links to all the details on schedules, ceremonies, plant diets, online attunements, mentorship, and tuition costs.


What we are doing is sacred. I've been listening. I am refining the boundaries, and opening for the absolute right gaze unto our golden flame. I'm leaning into a soft and holy intimacy; a lush garden, protected, for souls to unwind the artificiality, and restore innocence to creation.


This upcoming year of school feels AMAZING to me. The curriculum has been reborn! I've titled it WOMB EYE. As I open my inner eyes to the future of us, I witness a glow stronger than ever before.


to receive enrollment information and links to apply, be sure to sign up for the mailing list.

everything arrives via email.


applications & registration begins: October 1 2023

online opening ceremony: december 21, 2023


Thank you



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