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13-Pillar Live School for Plant-Taught Medicine & Transformation
and Mentored Training in Sophianic Midwifery Arts for Ceremonialists, Wisdom Keepers & Organic Alchemists

2024-2025 Enrollment is FULL

Song of Sophia is a wombwise, plant-taught, intuitive intelligence school that is rebirthing the primordial feminine experience with embodied methods of plant ceremony, emotional intelligence, and somatic healing for a grounded & balanced transformational practicum.


Please NOTE: the entire webpage here has important information to review before browsing the enrollment booklet. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the schedule. also, Please note that our website is best viewed on a computer or laptop.



Do you feel the resounding call to uncover the tender mysterium within your soul, and birth a Return to Love for yourself and those around you?

Both the Live Online Study Courses & Ceremonial Training offer this powerful potential.

Eliza has designed the experience to unfold slowly and precisely. Each petal of the flower is a pillar of wisdom, weaving leading-edge education of living medicine, plant-taught herbalism, descent and dark womb rebirthing, and shadow realm and soul retrieval with primordial ancestry, mystic ritual, midwifery arts of conception, land stewardship, psycho-somatic applications, emotional, relationship & sacred sexuality, and plant medicine. We recommend that you have a healthy lifestyle of mindfulness, meditation, movement, whole foods, knowledge of beginner energetics, and compassionate reflection already in practice. However, Eliza will provide a proper and thorough understanding of the shamanic magic of Song of Sophia within the foundational pillars.


Prerequisites for Enrollment are further discussed in the Enrollment Booklet, but what is needed to know now:

- at least a few years of devotion on transformational path

- dedicated to a healthy lifestyle / no active addictions

- relatively stable in these uncertain times / established support system that you trust


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"Hearing Eliza sing, you’ll know. And what you come to know is something that you may not be able to name, but you’ll know it’s coming from ancestral channels. Her presence within the work is authentic and carries an uncommon level of refinement.  Importantly, this refinement is not an affectation or something that was constructed by Eliza.  It’s actually coming from the plants.  And it’s magical. She’s someone I’d like to continue working with for a lifetime."


“As I sit here, eyes stinging from trying to hold back the tears, I am shocked, amazed, yet in awe. I feel as if Eliza has been inside my heart, body & soul. I am 50 years old now, and she has just taught me how to expose ‘the secrets’ of my younger years. Thank you seems insignificant. Eliza and Patrick are some of the most giving and loving people I have had the privilege to know. Whatever she is offering, assume the value is easily 10 times that, that you will come to know real magic, and be held in the arms of a mother you always knew!”


Who is Song of Sophia
created to serve?


Song of Sophia was created by Eliza because people asked her to create a school. Foremost, if you want to receive healing guidance and study with Eliza, this school offers high-touch interaction and support for all students.

The education is for those wanting to step into the reality of primordial shamanism which is family-led, feminine focused, and rebirthing a sovereign lifestyle. It is an herbal-focused education meant to inspire your intuitive callings. If you are ready to be taught by the plants, to communicate with nature and the otherworld clearer than ever before, and merge with the earth, this is your herbal training. If you know you are here to attune to nature through your womb, to melt into sacred union led by christed plant frequency, sing the frequency of the plants, and carry their medicine in your body always, the School will guide you in your unique womb-wise Sophianic embodiment.

If you have experienced some healing on your feminine restoration journey already, and are now desiring to dedicate and share your well of living wisdom, please look into attending the retreats or the full Ceremonial Training.  Our 13 Pillars of Womb Shamanism is devoted to embodied initiation, psycho-emotional intelligence, relationship studies, rites of passage, somatics, and trauma awareness. Each retreat offers a highly shamanic and skillful approach to healing. The Ceremonial Training is designed for you to be well-experienced in rebirthing the feminine wounds of sacred union, in guiding the intensity of threshold experiences that occur during womb work with the plants. Whether in the Online Study, Ceremonial Training, or at retreats, Song of Sophia is a realization of grounded yet mystical experiences for transformational womb-directed healing.

In any respect, I hope you love to sing, or are wanting deeper voice activation! This is what I can promise you. While singing is not all that we do in Song of Sophia, the feminine multi-dimensional principle of sound is a key weaving through the Rose Lineage, all our 13 Pillars of Light, our herbal practice, shamanic practice, ceremonies, doula work, deathkeeping, wise women council, and beyond.

Thank you for listening.

No matter if you choose to study with Song of Sophia, thank you for following your womb pulse from within, and being open to receive your best path in confidence. You are a blessing, and may you receive the fruits of your womb.

What our students say:

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The link below will bring you to the ENROLLMENT BOOKLET for 2024-2025. please reach out if you have questions.


Live Online Study

Experience the multi-dimensional hearth of Sophianic study and Plant Medicine through Online Study. The Online Study immerses students within the living song of Sophia for self-realization, powerful transformation, plant-taught relationship, and a fluid experience of womb shamanism.

2 options

3 pillar:   January 2024 - may 2024
9 pillar:    January 2024 - October 2024

Do you want to study with Song of Sophia,

but also desire to participate in your own rhythm and flow?

We totally get it. The Online Study option provides plenty of live classtime, but is designed for you to be in charge of your destiny. The Online Study offers self-direction and self-accountability which means you are the captain of your ship. There are no assignments required. You can be on your own schedule, sift through the material in pure enjoyment, weave teachings into your life when spirit calls, or you can buckle up and attend every opportunity with peer mentorship and direct teachings with Eliza. Either way, the Online Study has PLENTY of sacred text, shamanic journey recordings, and living materials to facilitate higher education of the shamanic arts, and provide opportunity for growing capacity and self-transformation.

The Online Study is an online learning experience with live plant attunements and transmissions on ancient energetic medicine, recorded classes, Eliza's personal written training materials, at-home ritual, and interactive community. There are options to attend retreats throughout the year to deepen your studies and experience diet or plant ceremonies.

The Online Study is an option for those who aren’t considering a ‘graduation’. This is perfect for active mothers, and those without availability to study away at the Mermaid Temple.

The curriculum is not necessarily for ‘level one’ practitioners however  Eliza generously establishes the foundational methodologies and creation magic to pursue the a plant-taught path of Sophia with strength, right relation, and sovereignty. She will help you understand The foundational methodologies throuoghly. The first 3 pillars are the whole power structure that makes eliza such a skillful and powerfully loving steward of plant medicine.

the education can be applied to any shamanic lifestyle.

you don't want to miss it.



The first 3 Pillars are a mystery school unto themselves. They offer an undeniably divine experience and provide the FOUNDATION for sovereign creation. It teaches how to return all magic to innocence through heaven on earth embodiment - a literal physiological experience that the plants and Eliza guide expertly.

The embodiment practices paired with the plant attunements attune your own womb to the womb of Sophia as both Divine Mother and Divine Beloved.  Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 are the backbone of intelligence to the boundless medicine of the 40-Day Rose Dieta.

A Rose Dieta in Song of Sophia is uniquely held from the primordial womb of creation. It is an initiation into humanity, your own cellular memories of the Rose Lineage, and it is a recovery of your ancestral spiritual power. Through the body, we witness a restoration of the greatest love ever known. The Rose Diet is kept by womb shamanism rituals, practices, and ceremonies. The Womb Awakening starts in Pillar 1, broadens and deepens in Pillar 2, and returns full circle to the moment before all conception in Pillar 3 with connection to the 'Egg of Conception.'

After the Rose Dieta, there is an entire month of personal and group integration support where you will be guided in Eliza's expertise of integrating in plant medicine, and also receive direct support for your own integration.


Each Pillar in the 3-Pillar Online Study truly hold a BOUNTY of initiation possibility and attunement to an incredibly generous fountain of innocence. Song of Sophia is a gifting lineage. The first 3 Pillars open up your body to be a fountain, always receiving in reciprocity with Divine Will. It is absolutely an activation of wealth and abundance as shared through the Christ light and Sophianic sound.


In-Person training and private mentorship with Eliza is not included in tuition but available to enroll within for an additional cost. The first 3 Pillars are to deepen your own lived experience and understanding of divine creation mechanics. It does not teach how to properly hold trauma-sensitive council/space for others. Therefore, you are not permitted to guide or teach the content that you learn as a 3-Pillar student. The purpose of the journey is presence with the entirety of your soul, access to a timeless feminine remembrance, and deeping a learning relationship with plant-taught medicine lifestyle, ceremonial transformation, and a celebration of your unique resonance within a living lineage.

Seven Sister Council Calls & Celtic Seasonal Celebrations

Although your live study classes end in May, you are invited to stay in the school,  participate in online discussion, Seven Sister Council Calls, and Celtic Seasonal Celebrations from January 2023-January 2024.




After the first 3 Pillars, students are prepared physiologically and spiritually to enter the Bridal Chambers. The 4th Pillar is an initiation that continues divinely willed conception, return to innocence, and the primordial codex of physiological birthing. We enter our 40-Day Noya Rao diet.  Noya Rao holds a specific Sophianic record within Song of Sophia as the spark of all creation; the first light, the original masculine principle of light.

The attunement to Noya Rao provides a foundation in 'never harming via your magic again' while recieving an incredible attunement from Christ.

The embodiment practices of physiological birthing paired with the Noya Rao diet attune your womb to primordial creation. Your song becomes one with the original sound.  Pillar4 and Pillar 5 teach ceremonial structure. While the Ceremonial Training students have in-person dieta, the 9-Pillar students have an at-home ayahuasca attunement. 

After the Noya Rao diet starts a purposeful descent through the underworld with Inanna and the Rose Temple Rites. This descent journey unwinds the destructive paths and patterns of the dark feminine. We heal the timelines of the Fall, Atlantis, Egypt, Sumeria and the Moon Lineages with the support of Noya Rao during a Yarrow attunement.

After the descent, we focus on somatic integration principles for Sophianic descent, entheogenic medicines, diets, and feminine restoration outside of the matrix. Pillar 8 and 9 offer an incredibly wise training in nervous system health, the sensual body, and somatic integration.


Financial Investment

All of the financial investments are positioned on a sliding scale.

The sliding scale requires honesty and a true desire and understanding of importance on 'tithe' for your education. The value given for this education is incredible, and Eliza makes sure to offer reasonably inexpensive pricepoints to give a wider access across family incomes.  The sliding scale starts at the least amount of money that Eliza needs to make the school happen.  If everyone was to pay the least amount of money, Eliza would be paying to put on the event out of her own pocket. The beauty and sacred art of sliding scale is that those who have capacity to pay more are offering possibility for others to attend who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. This is how true community works within decentralization and synarchy. Each individual chooses to support the genesis, to tend the flame, based on what is actually available to give in a meaningful way. Please consult the idea of 'tithe' if you are interested in 'meaningful' ways to give, and restoring the sacredness to tuition costs.


The only options beyond the sliding scale are the special exceptions of partial scholarships (limited positions), and the early-bird tuition discounts. Please reach out to Eliza with details on your financial situation if nothing seems to suit what you need. If you do have the option to pay more money than the Early Bird discount, please consider offering more financial support when applying Early Bird for first applicant consideration.

6 spots for ONLINE STUDY financial assistance

This is our prayer of offering the school to those who are perfect for the opportunity yet couldn’t otherwise attend due to financial constraints. There are 4 positions for discounted tuition, and 2 positions for Pay What You Decide. The details will be on the scholarship application linked below. We are expecting many applicants, and below is our criteria for considering enrollment. The fact is the tuition is already an exceptional value for the school, and it is priced for many to be able to afford it. Please only apply for financial assistance if there is no other way you could attend the school. First considerations will be given on:

- Basic Need Basis; minimal financial resources

- Minority experience

- Single Mothers

- Suffering from Chronic Pain / Disabled


More scholarship information regarding spectrum of pricing

for both Online Study and Ceremonial Training is in the Enrollment Booklet.

Song of Sophia Symbol

ONLINE STUDY tuition guide


3-pillar sliding scale: $1,600 - $2,200

$400 secures your spot.

Paid In Full Bonus and also up to 8-Month payment plans available.

3-pillar Early bird

9-Pillar sliding scale: $3,000 - $3,600

$600 secures your spot.

Paid In Full Bonus and also up to 12-Month payment plans available.

9-Pillar early bird


Pay in Full Bonus:

If you pay the sliding scale tuition in full upon time of enrollment, you will receive a 90-Min Akashic Mentorship Session with Eliza anytime throughout the year.


Alumni Discount:

$100-$200 off


Student Affiliate:

You receive $100 off for each person who signs up by your inspiration, and the person who joins also receives $100 off of their tuition.

Additional Notes

This school is not a substitute for your own mental health, therapy, or medical healthcare. Make sure to budget for what you need in that respect while knowing that transformational healing sometimes means you need more support.

All folks welcome to join the Online Study courses,

men & womxn+ alike.

What our students say:

Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 7.57.04 PM

Transformational Healing, Primordial Mythos, Rites of the Womb & Plant Song

Ceremonial Training

13 pillar:   January 2024 - may 2025

Full immersion and mentorship


sophianic wave certification

Ceremonial Training (CT) is essentially an apprenticeship with Eliza and Song of Sophia. This offering spirals into the otherworld, through both portals of 'To Know Thyself' and 'Threshold Training' in 18 months. After the 18 month journey - there is opportunity to continue into a much deeper dieta and entheogenic training with Eliza whenever you are called.

Ceremonial Training is both an online learning experience with required in-person retreats and training. This option for enrollment is for those who want to share Sophianic Wave in your own professional practice after graduation. Ceremonial Training offers advanced practicum, expanded learning, sovereign healing and somatic trauma-informed techniques. There are 3 required retreats for Ceremonial Training; however, if you have already sat with Whapio, you are only required to attend the Noya Rao diet & Wild Rose diet. Throughout the 13 Pillars, we practice entheogenic ceremony, hands-on healing, shamanic womb techniques, plant medicine, and plant-womb attunement. Each Pillar has various hours of live ceremony and attunement, personal assignments due, a kinship community for wellbeing, deep magical discussion with the Seven Sisters, and mentorship with Eliza.

Entheogenic Practicum

The bones of Song of Sophia is CREATION as light and sound. We attune to this primordial energetic through Ayahuasca ceremonial dietas and attunement with the spirit of the medicine. If you are holding Ayahuasca as a sacred medicine, working with Eliza will root and ground innocence into the blessings you are already serving. If you are not serving Ayahuasca, CT is not a training to serve the medicine, but you will surely receive many immpeccable guidelines and radical evolution in entheogenic context and ceremony. 

If you are serving yourself entheogenic medicine, or serving others another medicine, this offering will absolutely expand your practicum, guidance, and reciprocity with the medicine. You will grow with loving support and inspired lineage structure.

Sophianic Wave Certification:

This is a certification program to learn to hold transformational threshold work and family healing through a womb-wise approach with plant-taught herbalism practices, ancient remembrance, feminine shamanic arts, ceremony, rite of passage, ritual facilitation, plant medicine, psychologically and somatically informed council. We have a focus on trauma-sensitive techniques that nurture intimate relationship with the living Earth and our ancestors. Sophianic Wave is a multidimensional modality that weaves plant attunement and plant song, womb healing, and gift-giving of Sophianic source.

Sophianic Wave Training begins in Pillar 1 but deepens into the hands-on approach in November at the Training and continues until May 2025.

Eliza & Seven Sister Support Hours:

Each student recieves 3 private sessions with Eliza during January 2024-2025.

A private session with Eliza is individual mentorship and a gift of magic to your creations! She will help refine your plant song, connect you deeper into your own diets, and also directly guides your somatic integration processes.

Each student gets a Seven Sister Mentor and 4 Private Support Sessions with their mentor throughout January 2024-May 2025.

Sessions with Seven Sisters are to support the depth of initiations that come with being a Song of Sophia pilgrim. These private sessions are invaluable as the Seven Sisters are incredible wise women with much mysticism, diet experience, and love to share.


Training Retreats at the mermaid temple


May 1 - May 8, 2024

Whapio is a blessed elder of Song of Sophia. She is a midwife who teaches women how to self-direct and support the birth experience. It is an incredibly shamanic experience. If you haven’t sat with Whapio before, this is a required retreat. If you have sat with Whapio, you do not need to attend this training (although it is recommended) Additional cost is $1150 for CT students.



June 18 - June 28, 2024

All Ceremonial Training students are required to participate in this diet at the Mermaid Temple.

Complete cost included in tuition.



November 14-24, 2024

All Ceremonial Training students are required to participate in this diet at the Mermaid Temple.

Complete cost included in tuition.

additional retreat


October 3 - October 10, 2024

Frontline Fieldwork Experience; a direct training in Sophianic Ceremonial Gridwork and Somatic Integration Training for Crisis and Sovereign Warfare

Tucson, Arizona & Nogales, Mexico

Additional cost.



For more detailed information on all the CT components including the retreats, please go to the Enrollment Booklet.


The requirements look like

Monthly Time Commitments:

Following along with the Schedule of Live Classes is a requirement. There are assignments and due dates too. Eventually if you choose, you can receive a diploma of your studies as representation of your devotion, time, effort, and personal transformation. This diploma is helpful for your own offerings to evolve organically from your initiations with the plants and training in the cirriculum.


- Between 6-10 hours of live meetings per pillar

- A few hours of experiential assignments per pillar

- A personal daily, or semi-daily practice that resonates with the current plant, tree, goddess, ritual, or magic we are in relationship with at the time


The plant-taught lifestyle won’t be tracked in a quantifiable way yet the essence within assignments will speak for themselves in regards to your weaving within ceremonial work.

Missed Required Class:

The calls are mandatory. Your involvement matters because it is your personal lived experience that turns into wisdom. All of the calls are recorded and will be available in the online portal for later viewing. Every Attunement Call or Transmission that you miss live, you need to watch the call recording in your own time AND schedule a 30-min catch-up meeting with your Seven Sister mentor. The first 2 catch-up meetings are free of charge; after that, you will be invoiced $50 for each catch-up meeting. There could be exceptions for international students with middle-of-the-night time zones, or a midwife at a birth.



What I truly hope people understand is that I am offering a complete activation and education for returning innocence to humanly divine creation work.                   - Eliza

Founder of song of sophia school



Song of Sophia Symbol

CEREMONIAL tuition guide


sliding scale tuition: $9,900 - 12k

$500 secures your spot, and $500 more paid by January 2024.

Paid In Full Bonus and also up to 18-Month payment plans available.


early bird tuition: $8,900

Special pricing for those who apply during Early Bird, and if you pay 4 Payments of $2225 from enrollment until January 2025, there are no extra payment processing fees.



Pay in Full Bonus: If you pay the sliding scale tuition in full upon time of enrollment, you will receive a personalized overnight ceremony at the Mermaid Temple completely devoted to you.


Alumni Discount:

$555 off


$6900-$7900 scholarships for partial tuition are available, and the links to apply for those will be available on October 1.


ceremonial training outcomes

• Be a Certified Sophianic Wave Practitioner with a trusted body-centered intuitive approach and have the emotional resiliency skills to integrate the shamanic womb arts in a plant-taught way of life.

• Support shamanic initiation with a wise balance of pragmatic methodology and mystical medicine for transformational healing at the root of it all.

• Have the skills, lived experience, and embodied awareness to guide sacred union within the Sophianic arts, facilitate ceremonial healing sessions, host valuable initiations, meditations, shamanic journey or womb rituals, sing with plants in high frequencies, support family-led births and spiritual emergence.

• Trust your own body intelligence and dimensional presence to hold the deep space in-between worlds so your clients can access the raw vulnerability and altered states of consciousness required for healing traumatic experiences.

• Know how to restore the nervous system, endocrine system, and energetic structures necessary within the body mind wholeness system.

• Return the dormant magic of your unique ancestry to apply it in real-time for spiritual leadership, sacred love, and harmonious sexuality.

• Understand how to shift the world to Heaven on Earth through an actual physiological embodiment with plant-taught values, compassion, and living in supportive intimacy with the Earth.

• Expand understandings of self while activating your internal alchemy of masculine and feminine union to be a sovereign creator.

• Be an alumni of Song of Sophia with opportunity for furthering education, receiving life-long support from the sisterhood, and involving your family with a community devoted to the return to love.

For each enrollment, $50 is donated to Earth Stewardship and Indigenous Medicine Work.

What our students say:

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Song of Sophia

2024 - 2025 Schedule

all times listed are MOUNTAIN time



Monday December 18

The Online Portal Opens on Mighty Networks

Thursday December 21

5:30pm - 7:00pm: Winter Solstice Opening Ceremony Call



Thursday January 11

5:00pm – 6:45pm: Opening Sophianic Attunement with Eliza for All Students

7:00pm - 8:00pm:  Opening Sophianic Attunement  with Eliza for Training Students

Thursday January 18

5:30pm – 7:00pm: Seven Sisters Council Call for All Students

Sunday January 21

12pm – 2pm: Transmission Call with Eliza for Training Students

Thursday January 25

5:30pm – 7:30pm: Closing Angelica Call with Eliza for All Students



Sunday February 4*

12pm – 2pm: IMBOLC | Ceremony for the Holy Rites of Brigid

February 5 - 7th

1st Private Mentorship Call with Eliza for Ceremonial Training; schedule via Eliza’s Acuity link

Thursday February 8 

5pm – 6:30pm:  Plant Attunement Call with Eliza

6:45pm - 8:00pm:  Transmission Call with Eliza for CT students

Thursday February 15

5pm – 6:30pm: Plant Attunement Call with Eliza

6:45pm - 8:00pm:  Transmission Call with Eliza* for CT students

Thursday February 22

5pm – 6:30pm: Plant Attunement Call with Eliza

6:45pm - 8:00pm:  Transmission Call with Eliza* for CT students

Sunday February 25

12pm – 1:30pm: Seven Sisters Council Call for All Students 

Sunday March 3

12pm – 1:30pm: Closing Ceremony of Reciprocity

Thursday March 14

5:30pm – 7pm: Preparation Call for the Medicine Retreat*



Thursday March 21 

5:30pm – 7pm: OSTARA Ceremony of the Mary’s

Thursday March 28 

5:30pm – 7pm: Initiate the Red Rose Womb with Eliza

7pm - 8pm:  Training Call

April 1 -5th

1st Private Mentorship Call with Seven Sister for Ceremonial Training Students

April 3 - April 8, 2024


Sunday April 7

12:00pm – 1:30pm: Seven Sisters Council Call for All Students

Thursday April 11

5:00pm – 6:30pm: Initiate the White Rose Womb with Eliza for All Students

6:45pm - 8:00pm:  Transmission Call for CT students

Thursday April 18

5:00pm – 6:30pm: Integration Call for the Medicine Retreat

6:45pm - 8:00pm: Preparation for Whapio Retreat Call

Sunday April 21

12pm – 2:30pm: Weaving the Red & White Rose Seminar for All Students

Thursday April 25

5:00pm – 6:00pm: Arkana Call for All Students

6:15pm - 7:30pm:  Transmission Call for for CT students



May 1 - May 8, 2024


Opportunities for 9-Pillar Online Study to participate via Live Call-In; schedule coming later

Thursday May 2 

5:00pm - 6:30pm: Beltane Ceremony Online

6:45pm - 8pm: Seven Sisters Integration Call for 3-Pillar Students

Thursday May 16*

5pm – 7pm: Attunement Call with Eliza for 9 + CT

Sunday May 19

12pm – 2pm: Arkana Call for 3-Pillar Students with Eliza

2:30pm - 4:00pm: Seven Sisters Council Call for 9 + CT

May 20 -24: Private Calls with Eliza for Noya Rao diet participants

Thursday May 23

5:30pm –7:00pm: Transmission Call with Eliza



Thursday June 6

5pm - 7:30pm: Noya Rao Mother Ceremony with Eliza

Sunday June 9

1pm - 4:00pm: Noya Rao Mother Ceremony with Eliza

June 18 - June 28, 2024


Opportunities for 9-Pillar Online Study to participate via Live Call-In

Thursday June 20

6pm – 7:30pm MST: Litha Celebration Ceremony

Sunday June 23

1pm - 2:30pm: Seven Sister Council Call 

3pm - 4pm: Arkana Call with Eliza



Thursday July 11

6pm – 8pm MST: Noya Rao Retreat Integration

Private Calls scheduled with Seven Sisters for Noya Rao diet participants



Thursday August 1 

5pm – 6:30pm LUGHNASADH Celtic Celebration Ceremony

Sunday August 11  

12pm - 1:45pm: Live Attunement for All Students with Eliza

2pm -3:30pm: Transmission Call with Eliza for Training Students

Thursday August 15

5pm – 6:30pm: Seven Sister Council Call for All Students

Thursday August 22

5pm – 7:30pm: Inanna Ceremony Call with Eliza for All Students

Sunday August 25

12pm - 1:45pm: Portal Key Integration for All Students

2pm -3:30pm: Inanna Integration Guidance with Eliza for Training Students



Sunday September 8

12pm – 3pm: Live Somatic Integration for All Students

Thursday September 12

6pm – 8pm: Preparation for Sophianic Fieldwork for Training and Delegates

Thursday September 19

6pm – 7:30pm: Seven Sister Council Call for All Students

Sunday September 22

12:00pm – 1:30pm MST: MABON Celtic Celebration Ceremony

Thursday September 26*

5pm – 6:30pm:  Live Somatic Integration for All Students

6:45pm - 8pm: Training Call for Training Students  + Delegates



October 3 - October 10, 2023


Sunday October 6

12pm – 2:00pm: Live Attunement for Ceremonial Students not on delegation

Sunday October 13

11am – 12:30pm: Seven Sister Council Call for All Students

Thursday October 17

5pm - 6:30pm: Seven Sister Integration Call for 9 Pillar Students; Training students can join to witness

October 21 -25: Private Somatic Integration Mentorship Calls with Eliza for 9-Pillar Students

Thursday October 24

5pm - 6:30pm: Integration from Delegation

6:45pm - 8pm: Transmission Call for Training

Sunday October 27

12pm - 1:30pm: SAMHAIN Celtic Celebration Ceremony

2pm - 3pm: Preparation for Wild Rose Diet



Thursday  November 7*

5pm – 7pm: Opening to the Intimacy of Sophianic Wave

Thursday November 14- Sunday November 24*

Sophianic Wave Training with Wild Rose Diet

Private Calls scheduled with Seven Sisters for Noya Rao diet participants



Thursday December 5

5pm – 6:30pm: Integration Call for Sophianic Wave & Wild Rose Diet

Thursday December 12*

5pm-7:30pm: Opening Attunement to Sacred Union with Blue Lotus

Sunday December 15*

12pm – 1:30pm: Seven Sister Council Call

Thursday December 19*

5pm-7:30pm: Transmission Call with Blue Lotus

Sunday December 22

6pm – 7:15pm: YULE Celtic Celebration Ceremony



Thursday January 9, 2023

6pm-7:30pm: Seven Sister Council Call

Sunday January 12*

11am – 1pm: Live Attunement for All Students

January 20 -24: Private Calls with Eliza for Ceremonial Training Students

Sunday January 26*

11am – 1pm: Live Transmission for Students

Thursday January 30*

5pm-7:30pm: Closing Integration Call



Sunday March 2

11am - 2pm: Sophianic Wave Consult Training & Integration with Eliza

Private Calls with Seven Sister Mentor for Ceremonial Training Students

Sunday May 18

11am - 2pm: Sophianic Wave Consult Training & Integration FINAL CALL with Eliza


Thank you. I am looking forward to reading applications in October.

In the meantime, please join us in our offerings.