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Purifications & Decent held by Rosemary & Rue

This post by DaZzalina RaYdiaance illustrates how Song of Sophia practices hone pilgrims’ ability to descend into the earth as a means of purification and also in order to see clearly when distortion is present.  DaZzalina has served as a Seven Sister (a service position in the lineage, something like a student teacher) since 2020 and she continues to serve this new round of students for the coming year of study.  “Daz” as she is lovingly called by soul family is weaving an intregal thread in the tapestry of the lineage and is a practicing shaman in Santa Cruz, CA.





For me, one of the hardest places to be in is feeling disconnected. Disconnected to source, to self and to nature. Recently I’ve been thrown out of my highest alignment due to a viral infection. I’ve witnessed my life force energy become depleted. Our Song of Sophia skillset has me tracking what happens when my energy is low and my pain body is high. I am noticing how the distortion is entering into my most vulnerable places, just as we learn in school.


New Years Day pity party of 1, anyone??! Ai yi yi.


The funny thing is I can see this coming from a mile away, yet somehow when I am IN IT, wrapped up in the coils of its grasp – it is too late to do anything to prevent what is now occurring. So here I am, sick. Taking a step back. Reminded of the powerful practices instilled by Song of Sophia School.


I begin to drop my auric field down, deep into my back body, down down down into the darkest caverns of the Earth. From here I finally have the opportunity to see more clearly – as each layer of the inner Earth I descend through is like a purification system. It removes layers of personal attachment and veils of the inorganic distorted thoughts and manipulations. 


Now as I find myself closer and closer to the mother’s womb, I have a better view of what’s really going on within and around me. Somatically I find the threat, which appears as a dark shadowy object, and I keep my eye on it. Rosemary appears in my peripheral, a very welcomed sight and ally. I call her in with gratitude. With my inner eye, I look behind and beneath this shadowy form. I turn towards the threat, and I don’t look away. I breathe in the scent of Rosemary and I sing her praises unto the ominous figure. As rosemary guides me in her powerful embrace, we are able to dissolve this distorted shadow and welcome in the light of nature to replace its false face.


As divinely in alignment that the offerings of Song of Sophia always appear to be, I am headed into a pop up offering from Eliza as a moment in silence and purification. Welcoming in this New Year Sophianic style, in togetherness and in the great spirit of love. My soul fills with gratitude and the purification has begun.


Written by DaZzalina RaYdiaance