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Reclaiming The Body

Reclaiming The Body
By Sophia Solomonson, Seven Sister


Several years ago I was at a live music performance and felt the spirit of dance flow through me in a new way. I recognize it now as the Sophianic Wave. Back then the river of movement had been subjugated within me due to compacted trauma from unsafe living conditions. And at this particular show, a friend gifted in igniting the lost parts of the soul, helped me find my fire on the dance floor once again.


As my mother was in constant threat of safety, my body was subject to violence while forming in her womb. This domestic violence imprinted throughout my life, in situations that were out of my control, and in ones that I created.


There came a moment in my late twenties when I knew that this imprint of conflict was out of my control, it was larger than me. I also had the awareness that I had the power to change this patterning. With no plan, but faith larger than life, I set out on a quest for healing.

Years of yoga, sobriety, meditation, and talk therapy began to pull the first layers of armor from my Being.
I knew this was just the surface. Immersing myself in shamanic community allowed me to begin to integrate all parts of myself. 
Learning to dance with all the Sophia’s I have abandoned and denied. This is where the healing is for me.


Communing with the Earth, asking for her guidance on The Way Home, and allowing Her to move through the body is a reclamation of the frozen traumatization. I consent to Her. I feel free and beautiful without a threat of harm. Her waves are my liberation.
May we come out of hiding and create safe spaces to enjoy our body as divine. This is the prayer within Sophianic Movement; as my living practice, and my share in the Song of Sophia lifestyle. 


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