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Singing My Own Medicine of the Plants

By Song of Sophia Seven Sister DaZzalina RaYdiaance



I recently had the pleasure of sitting in ceremony without holding a facilitator position. During my deep dive, I was reminded of the value in Song of Sophia’s teaching to ‘always go back to the plants’. In moments of integration and big life experiences – ceremonies, grief, loss, transformation like deaths, rebirths, initiations – Song of Sophia returns to the plants as our guiding support of wisdom and clarity. 


The plants open a doorway to pure frequency of Sophianic wisdom. They eat the light of the sun and their physical constitution is true merging of sacred union within feminine vibration and masculine light. They are trusted allies; and if we are open, their union will begin to inform our most precious and vulnerable places. 


The plants have spirits like humans and animals. I tend to witness the plants as spiritual teachers being overlooked, labeled incorrectly, and undervalued. When we slow down and clean our energy, our own innate frequency opens to attune with these great plant spirits. Within the plants is so much to be appreciated, taught, and circulated in reciprocity! It’s such a sacred weaving with the love of creation… and this co-creation is magic! 


One thing we are taught how to do in Song of Sophia is to sing the plant frequencies through our own bodies. Through diet and attunement, the plants place their frequencies in our bodies, and lead our song. We sing their songs while directing their light into our physical bodies, emotional bodies, and energy bodies. The gifts of their song offers a natural alchemization of inorganic influences and disease. This is energy work in a high form!  


Recently, I’ve been singing my own plant songs gifted throughout my time in Song of Sophia. Whilst singing, I have been tracking some of the additional magic and potency of these songs. What I am really appreciating at this moment is how much they pull me back into the frequency of the plants, exactly where I want to be. 


As I am currently integrating very transformative ceremonies, I am reminded to continue “going back to the plants”. When I sing the songs the plants offered me, I return. I am in their frequency, and it is so supportive for my physical body! The song literally weaves the light codex of ceremony deeper into my lived experience. It is precisely the key. What a gift! 


Song of Sophia is a gifting lineage, and I keep experiencing new ways in which I am continually being gifted by the lineage. I am feeling so blessed by my relationships with the plants, and beyond grateful for the shamanic engineering taught in the school.


So this is my shoutout to the plants!!! – and to Eliza who is a master integrator and guide of the plant teachings – and to myself for saying a big fuck yes to this journey!